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MCC Information Technology Certificates and Associate Degrees

Associate degrees

Cisco Network Technician
Database Administration
Data Center Management
Desktop Support Specialist
Programming for Database/Web Server Administration
Versatalist IT (Program is customizable by student interest)
Web Development

Certificates of achievement

Data Center Technician
Security Technician Server Technician
Versatalist (Business Intelligence Systems)
Versatalist (Computer Programming)
Versatalist (Unix/Linux Operating Systems)
Web Author

Industry career certificate

Certified Cisco Network Associate
Full Stack Web Development

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National Career Readiness Certificate
ACT National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)

The NCRC measures and certifies essential work skills needed for job success. It is widely used by employers, educators, workforce developers and others to provide evidence that job seekers have the skills employers are looking for.
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Why an NCRC certificate matters:

Employers are often more likely to hire someone with an NCRC certificate. An NCRC certificate helps students succeed in a variety of careers. Human resources professions use NCRC certificates to improve hiring, training and decisions about promotions. You can look up the ACT WorkKeys scores needed by job title to identify the skill levels you’ll need for occupations that interest you:
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Earning an NCRC certificate: 

During this course, you will have an opportunity to participate in NCRC testing. The testing consists of three assessments:
1. Applied Mathematics
2. Locating Information
3. Reading for Information

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The four levels of NCRC proficiency:

Platinum: scores of level 6 or higher on all three exams
Gold: scores of level 5 or higher on all three exams
Silver: scores of level 4 or higher on all three exams
Bronze: scores of level 3 or higher on all three exams
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Preparing and improving your scores:

If you do not receive your desired skill level score on an assessment, practice tests and training options are available to help improve your test scores. You can access these resources by visiting the ACT website.

Troubleshooting: If you are having difficulty logging in to your account, contact your instructor. If you are having difficulty with the website, contact ACT at 800-967-5539. 
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Work Ethic Certificate

What is work ethic?

It is the belief in the moral benefit and importance of work and its inherent ability to strengthen character.

How does MCC help you develop a work ethic?

During this course, you will participate in a program called BRING YOUR A GAME TO WORK. This program, created by the Center for Work Ethic Development, will help you develop the seven foundational behaviors of work ethic that managers demand: attendance, appearance, attitude, ambition, acceptance, accountability and appreciation. 
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How can you earn a Work Ethic Certificate?

At the completion of the BRING YOUR A GAME TO WORK program, you’ll take the Work Ethic Proficiency Certificate Exam over the seven foundational behaviors. When you pass the test, The Center for Work Ethic Development will provide you a Work Ethic Certificate. In addition, you have the option of downloading an Open Digital Badge that you can use as online proof of your achievement. Find out more about Open Digital Badges.

What do I have to do?

Each week of class is dedicated to a theme of the BRING YOUR A GAME TO WORK. You will have in-class discussions and assignments, along with a journal exercise that focuses on reflection each week. The Work Ethic Proficiency Certificate Exam will be completed in class towards the end of the quarter. You have three attempts to pass the exam with at least a 90 percent.

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