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Architectural rendering of Digital Express with open seating area and service desk called Reboot Central.

Web Development

The Web Development Pathway consists of one, Level I career certificate. This pathway also includes two, Level II career certificate choices.

Level 1 Career Certificate(s)

Chose one of the listed Career Certificate(s) to complete level 1 of the Web Development pathway


The Web Development program at MCC prepares students for internet-based careers, such as designing, creating and maintaining websites. Students will gain the knowledge to handle front-end and back-end website development.

In both the degree and certificate programs, students will learn business office knowledge, Microsoft Office skills, as well as effective communication and interpersonal skills.

After selecting the Level I, Web Development career certificate, students should also choose their complimenting Level II career certificate from the options listed below.


Level 2 Career Certificate(s)

Choose one Level II Career Certificate

Level Two Web Programming (WPCII)

This certificate prepares students as entry-level programmers focusing on web application development and maintenance.


Level Two Data Science (DASCC)

This certificate and is designed for the student who wishes to develop a working knowledge of gathering, managing, interpreting and storytelling with data in our modern world. As large collections of complex data become more commonly leveraged as a driving force in business decision-making, careers in data science, reporting and analytics are in demand! This certificate prepares students for entry level work in data analytics and reporting.