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Guillermo J. Rosas

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  • Telephone: 531-600-8634
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Guillermo is a native of Southern California; he has been with the college since 2009. A man of many interests, he has a diverse background and skill set, which he enjoys bringing into the classroom. 

Guillermo is a firm believer in the transformative and empowering role of a community college. His guiding pricinples seek to create pathways for student success, while also providing a skill set for today and a mindset for growing into tomorrow.

In his free time, Guillermo enjoys many hobbies including exploring and learning new technologies, photography, videography, cycling, and community service. He is active in the local community theater scene and serves on various non-profit boards.

Through his various roles at the college and within the community, Guillermo is committed to and dedicated to serving the greater Omaha area.