Web Development

What is web development?

Web developers design, build and maintain websites. Some web developers handle all phases of website development and maintenance, but many specialize in either the front-end (what the user sees) or the back-end (the behind the scenes programming that makes the site work). Individuals with skills in both front- and back-end development are known as full-stack developers.

Job outlook

According to the Department of Labor, employment of web developers is projected to grow 15 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations.

Program Descriptions

Associate in applied science Degree

  • Front End Web Developmemt (ITWD1) - This degree prepares students to successfully manage the World Wide Web environment. Students are provided with a strong technical foundation in developing content for the World Wide Web and any Internet-related support.

  • Full-Stack Web Development (ITFSW) - This program prepares students for employment as entry-level web application developers.

Program Faculty

Credit Classes and Registration