Area and Cost Center MAP Access

A Mission Achievement Plan (MAP) is available for each active general fund "Cost Center" and for each "Area" in which cost centers are grouped. An "Area" is a subgroup of an administrative "Division".

To summarize another way, a Division is the highest organizational level on the listing shown to the left. Each Division has an Area or Areas beneath it, and each Area is made up of a Cost Center or Cost Centers.

You can expand any Division shown on the left (by selecting the open image icon) to see the Area(s) assigned to it. You can then similarly expand an Area to see what Cost Center(s) the Area includes.

When you click on an Area name, the Area and any related Cost Center(s) are shown on the right side of the screen. This is where you can click the desired command to produce a view of an Area Summary Report or a Cost Center Report.

The list area screen explained - the top level is the Division, the level below is the Area and the lowest level is the Cost Center