1/22/2019 1:45:00 AM
Due to inclement weather, all MCC locations are closed the evening of Tuesday, Jan. 22. The MCC Board of Governors meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 29.

Days of Service

2016-17 Days Of Service



August 24

Job and Volunteer Fair

September 1

Suicide Awareness Day

September 11 and 12

9/11 Remembrance Day

October 15, 17 and 18

Three Days of Service

October 28 and 31

Reverse Trick or Treat

November 11 and 12

Veterans Day of Service

December 1 and 2

World AIDS Day

January 16

Martin Luther King Day

February 5

Super Service Sunday

February 14

Spring Volunteer Fair

March 18, 20–25

Seven Days of Service

April 14 and April 15

Global Youth Service Day

Factulty, staff and students affiliated with Metropolitan Community College can find more information about each event and register through myHub.

How to Register for Days of Service with myhub:

  1. Go to myHub.

  2. Sign in at the top right.

  3. Choose Metropolitan Community College - Nebraska for your community.

  4. Use your MCC username and password to log in.

  5. Choose Browse Organizations from the task bar.

  6. Click on Community Engagement.

  7. Select the green Join Now tab on the right.

  8. Once a member of the group,  select Events from the task bar.

  9. Browse through events, select the ones you are interested in participating and register.

  10. Feel free to explore myHub and join other organizations.