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College for Kids

Summer fun is still a go

We are so sad that College for Kids was cancelled this summer, but we didn't forget about you! Please enjoy these videos and printable handouts, created by CFK teachers in their own homes or classrooms. These videos are packed full of activities, crafts and projects you can do all summer long. 

Be sure to follow us on our Facebook and YouTube pages for even more College for Kids videos and activities. We really want to see the fun you're having, please share pictures and videos with us! 

We are also offering a variety of online courses through the Zoom conferencing app. See the schedule now.

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Enjoy this beach inspired video as we dig into moon sand, floating boats and creating a beautiful jellyfish sun-catcher. 
For more activities and to view the Beach Days supply list, visit


Come together as the world does, by rooting on the world’s best. Discover the history of the games along with the participating countries. Discover some fun games and activities that you can do to make you feel like you're a part of this amazing event!

For Celebration of Nations—Olympics activities and games, visit


Do you ever wonder how all the colors in the world are created? Join us as we discover color mixing techniques. Bring your creativity as we explore color through different experiments.

Video Supply List:
Worksheet for ages 6-7:
Worksheet for ages 8-9:
Worksheet for ages 10-11:
More Resources:


Enjoy five different videos containing principles of chemistry while experimenting with ordinary household items, such as lemon juice, vinegar, pennies, alka seltzer and more!

To view the Crazy Chemical Concoctions handout, visit


Discover the exciting world of LEGOS. Explore different Lego challenges like a spinning top, a balloon car, a zipline and more. Let’s get LEGO crazy!

For more activities and to view the Explore with LEGOS supply list, visit


Discover how to make this easy, kid friendly snack, Ruffles Krispy Treats, complete with marshmallows and chocolate. Yummy! 

Ruffles Krispy Treats Recipe:
Incredible Edibles Handout:


This class goes way beyond pencils and worksheets. We will review math skills with Popsicle sticks and a deck of cards.  Did you ever think you could do math and have fun? 

Math on the Move Handout for ages 6-7:
Math on the Move Handout for ages 8-9: 
Math on the Move Handout for ages 10-11:


Dive deep into the human body focusing on your lungs and muscles. Learn different activities to discover ways your body functions. 

To view the Mini Med School handout, visit


As a young engineer, discover how construct your own contraption, a flying disc! 

For more activities and to view the Roller Coasters and Rockets supply list, visit


Think like an engineer as you discover the uses of simple machines. Learn about levers, wheels and axles, pulleys, screws, inclined planes and wedges. 

To view the Simple Machines handout, visit


Teleport around the world and experience cultural experiences in France, French Polynesia, and more. Explore French food, dance to the drums of the islands and design your own lei. 

To view the Travel and Explore handout, visit


Join us on a wild ride of all things weather related. Get excited about exploring the wonders of weather, climate and water cycles. Discover how to make your own rain cloud in a jar!

Weather Wonders handout for ages 6-7:
Weather Wonders handout for ages 8-9:
Weather Wonders handout for ages 10-11:


We offer a variety of online courses through the Zoom conferencing app and other online learning environments. Explore today.

Online Learning-College for Kids

Register using the link above or call 531-MCC-5231 to register over the phone. Registrations should be made under the student's name. Payment is due at the time of registration. Any class marked with an asterisk (*) is no discount.

Metropolitan Community College continues implementing the recommendations of the Douglas County Health Department and the guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as part of its response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

To continue ensuring the public’s safety, MCC has canceled noncredit Continuing Education face-to-face classes through Monday, August 31. Alternate delivery programs have been developed, visit to view online class offerings.

Those registered for a summer class, will be contacted via email and phone about the class cancellation and notified whether online options are available for the canceled class. Refunds will be issued 12-15 business days on the card used at the time of registration once the refund is processed through the College’s registration system.

This cancellation applies to all face-to-face summer noncredit courses held at College facilities and various sites throughout the Metro and to the following programs:

  • College for Kids and Teen Culinary summer programs.

  • College for Kids at the following sites:

    • La Vista Community Center 

    • Deerfield Primary School 

    • Aldrich Elementary School 

    • Anchor Pointe Elementary School 

    • Aspen Creek Middle School 

    • Hickory Hill Elementary School 

    • Oakdale Elementary School 

    • MCC North Express 

    • Bancroft Elementary School 

    • MCC at Do Space

    • MCC Fort Omaha Campus

    • MCC Fremont Area Center

    • MCC South Express

  • College for Teens at the following sites:

    • Blair Public Library and Technology Center

    • La Vista Community Center

    • MCC Applied Technology Center

    • MCC at Do Space

    • MCC Elkhorn Valley Campus

    • MCC Fort Omaha Campus

    • MCC Fremont Area Center

    • MCC North Express

    • MCC Sarpy Center

    • MCC South Express

    • MCC South Omaha Campus

    • Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

    • Silver of Oz

The College will not publish a digital or print mailer/catalog for its summer quarter. Visit to view current online class offerings. 

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