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2017 College for Teens Summer Schedule 

There are two ways to register:
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Life Launch Leadership Camp
We’re all leaders of some kind. Uncover your leadership qualities through a full week of self-discovery and team-building activities. Learn how to communicate and work collaboratively with other teens as we touch upon leadership cornerstones such as ethics, communication, organizational skills and more. We’ll decode personalities and examine which character traits you may share with some of the world’s greatest leaders. Explore improve acting and learn to think on your feet to prepare for a short presentation on the last day before our instructional fine dining luncheon. Develop a working resume to reflect your skills and experiences and learn to interview confidently. Finally, explore what higher education could be like as we do a short discovery tour around the MCC campus and meet various program coordinators. Bring a sack lunch Monday -Thursday. Lunch will be provided on Friday. Supplies included. (Ages 14-17)
Fremont Area Center, 835 N. Broad St., Fremont, NE.
17/JU-TEEN-228N-81   MTWTHF   07/17-07/21   10:00A-02:00P   $175
Fire Teen Safety Camp 
Calling all up-and-coming babysitters! Calling all teens interested in emergency services! Learn the proper procedures of CPR, first aid, tying knots and the use of an AED. Gain the basic skills necessary to effectively identify and treat emergencies in the critical first minutes of injury or illness. Learn proper fire extinguisher usage while participating in a small fire and learn sound decision making processes on when to use an extinguisher. Explore different career opportunities and be challenged mentally and physically as you are introduced to your new role as an emergency care provider. Watch real firefighters demonstrate an emergency situation. End camp with a completion ceremony. Supplies included. (Ages 12-15)
Blair Theatre, 1645 S. Hwy 30, Blair, NE.
17/JU-TEEN-163N-80   MTWTH     07/10-07/13   9:00A-12:00P   $90

Classroom Couture - Spark Your Fashion Passion! 

Feed your creative soul at Classroom Couture, learn basic design and sewing skills. Experience challenging and creative projects. Limited seating.
Hand Sewing
It’s said, “the best of everything is the cheapest in the end,” so before your thread gets on the spool, begin with the basics of hand sewing. In this hands-on workshop, participants learn how to wax thread, use a thimble, stitch an array of useful, beautiful hand, hemming and seaming stitches commonly used in couture sewing. Go to for a supply list. Hand sewing only. No sewing machines allowed. Bring a sack lunch. (one session)
Fort Omaha Campus, 30th and Fort streets, Building 21, room 106
17/JU-TEEN-235N-81    W   06/21-06/21   10:00A-01:30P   $45   Ages 15-17
Creation Fabulously Fun Fabric
Textile arts are hot; so get your creativity on! In this hands-on workshop, participants have an opportunity to hand dye cotton using both natural and synthetic dyes to create their own personalized fabric. Go to for a supply list. Bring a sack lunch. (one session)
Fort Omaha Campus, 30th and Fort streets, Building 21, room 106
17/JU-TEEN-236N-81   W   06/28- 06/28   10:00A-01:30P   $45   Ages 15-17
Drawing Fashion Sketches 
Create a fashion mood board and receive an overview on basic fashion illustration/sketching; while water coloring, inking and more! No artistic skills required other than a desire to have fun! Supplies included. Bring two or three of your favorite fashion throw-away magazines and a sack lunch. (one session)
North Omaha Makerhood District, 1141 N. 11th St.
17/JU-TEEN-237N-81   TH   06/29-06/29   10:00A-01:30P   $65   Ages 15-17
Vintage Designing 
Discover an array of common couture techniques and practices while making a muslin of a basic shirt using a true vintage commercial pattern; then construct the muslin in its final fabric. Experience using professional dress forms as fit models. Go to for a supply list. Bring a sack lunch. Basic sewing skills required. (two weeks)
North Omaha Makerhood District, 1141 N. 11th St.
17/JU-TEEN-238N-80   WTH   07/12-07/13   10:00A-01:30P   $90   Ages 12-14
17/JU-TEEN-238N-81   WTH   07/19-07/20   10:00A-01:30P   $90   Ages 15-17Spring 2017 


These are just a small sampling of our summer classes. View our 2017 College for Teens summer mailer for a full listing of classes.  

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Note: Parents, if enrolling your child, please use their name on the enrollment forms.


All you need to register for class is the child's name, address, child's Social Security Number, child's birth date, email address, phone number and the course numbers of each class you would like to register for.  Your child's Social Security Number is required for registration. Credit card or e-check payment is required when registering for Instant Enrollment classes. If you are unable to register for a class online, the class may be full. To be added to a waiting list, call 531-MCC-5437.


Call 531-MCC-5437 to register by phone.


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