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About Continuing Education

Continuing Education is focused on providing you with a variety of learning opportunities to build skills, like using Excel and Word, learning a language, repairing your house or writing a resume. We also provide you with personal enrichment, like learning to dance, watercolor painting or improving your mental and physical health.

In our College for Kids program, which offers summer classes for children ages 3 to 11, College for Teens and classes for teens—as well as the hundreds of Continuing Education classes and workshops for adults and our Lifelong Learning classes for seniors—your Continuing Education department provides the courses and workshops our community says it wants! 

For more information, visit What is Continuing Education.

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Contact US:
Continuing Education 
Phone: 531-MCC-2620

Gary Girard, Executive Director of Continuing Education
Phone: 531-MCC-2541

Tina Morgan, Continuing Education Program Planner
Phone: 531-MCC-2542

Beth Shepherd, Continuing Education Special Projects Associate
Phone: 531-MCC-2518

Amy Scott, Administrative Assistant Account specialist
Phone:  531-MCC-2525

Stacia Payne, Continuing Education specialist
Phone: 531-MCC-2522

Abigail Uhlenkamp, Continuing Education online specialist
Phone: 531-MCC-2519

Christopher Swanson, MCC at Do Space manager
Phone: 531-MCC-7231

Barbara Garrett, Continuing Education assistant - MCC at Do Space
Phone: 531-MCC-7234

Lisa Mix, Continuing Education assistant - MCC at Do Space
Phone: 531-MCC-7234

Wendy Mays, Continuing Education assistant — MCC at Do Space
Phone: 531-MCC-7234

Daphne Cook, MCC North Express manager
Phone: 531-MCC-2808

Pam Gilmore, Continuing Education assistant
Phone: 531-MCC-2713