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MCC Makerspace

MCC Makerspace

1141 N. 11th St., Omaha, NE 68102 
Just north of 11th and Nicholas streets.

The arts and trades district is a vibrant, unique Makerhood where arts, crafts and trades are celebrated in a walkable network of public spaces connecting residential, industrial, commercial and public activities. The area was once comprised of light industry, trade and commercial rail use from Omaha's earliest days. Since then, the New North Makerhood District has been redeveloped under a unique set of design and architectural requirements intended to maintain the character of the original buildings.

Workshops within the New North Makerhood District provide instruction for in-demand skills that have been nearly forgotten in the modern digital world. These courses embody the ideas of exploration, discovery and distribution.


Check out this story about one of our upholstery students from the Omaha World-Herald.
MCC Continuing Education Upholstery Class
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