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Do Space

MCC at Do Space

Together with our partners at the non-profit Community Information Trust, Metropolitan Community College houses a modern training center that brings the best of today’s technology to central Omaha, utilizing the second floor of Do Space. Flexible, active learning opportunities are offered for all types of learners, including older adults, job seekers, incumbent workers, emerging entrepreneurs, parents with young children, teens and college-bound students. Do Space is a technology library, a digital workshop and an innovation playground. Here at MCC at Do Space, we are bridging the digital divide.

7205 Dodge St. Omaha, NE 68114 (second floor)
Phone: 531-622-7234

Note that any class marked with an asterisk (*) is no discount.

On the first floor, Do Space provides access to computers, 3D printers and more.
Become a Do Space member for free.

Hubbard Sustainability Series

Hubbard Sustainability Series

The Claire M. Hubbard Foundation Sustainability Series is a quarterly event at MCC at Do Space that allows speakers to inform the public about the importance of sustainability on a local, regional and national level. These speakers will show that the sustainability problems and their solutions can begin locally, but need everyone’s attention to help keep the community, the country and even the planet operating smoothly. The topic and its experts change every quarter. Visit for more information.

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