MCC North Express

MCC North Express

Together with our partners, Metropolitan Community College joins with committed board members, developers, ambassadors and community members who want to make a difference. MCC is dedicated to connecting students and the community to engaging learning experiences designed to deliver information, stimulate growth, support the economy and serve the surrounding neighborhood.

MCC North Express encompasses more than 9,000 square feet on the third floor of the community Accelerator building. The learning center is strategically positioned in the middle of the neighborhood, enabling students and community members the ability to have educational resources close by. Services provided are purposefully designed as stepping stones to initiate next steps toward college or a career.


Highlander Accelerater Building (third floor)
2112 N. 30th St. Omaha, NE 68111

MCC North Express Floor Plan 
Accelerator Road Map
MCC aims to transform the way community education is delivered for the next generation. Working with a community liaison, MCC North Express is designed to serve the unique needs of the neighborhood. For more information call MCC North Express at 531-MCC-5000 or email at

Learning opportunities will be available for all types of learners. seeking to improve their knowledge, including:

  • Age 3 to senior citizen

  • Job seekers

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Re-entry

  • Youth

Metropolitan Community College announces a new collaboration with Omaha Children's Museum, to bring the educational exhibit for young children, Block Party, to the Accelerator at MCC North Express. The exhibit aligns with Metropolitan Community College's mission of promoting lifelong learning. Children at a young age will be introduced to STEM topics through the exhibit, an opportunity that can spark interests and promote enthusiasm for such subjects. Block Party is on display through April.

Check out this story about the Highlander Accelerator Development on KMTV.

Upcoming Continuing Education Classes 
Other programs at MCC North Express