Martin Luther King Luncheon

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

33rd Annual Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration


Stan Rone, senior pastor, The Worship Center, North 24th Street Church of God – Omaha

Dr. Stan Rone

Musical Entertainment:
Jason Wagner II, Lincoln
Ananias “Markey” Montague, minister of music and fine arts, Salem Baptist Church, Omaha

Institute of Culinary Arts, Building 22, 32nd Street and Sorensen Parkway, Swanson Conference Center, rooms 201 A-D
HIST200A    TH    12:00P-01:25PM    01/11    $20 (REGISTER NOW! General Admission)
HIST200B    TH    12:00P-01:25PM    01/11    $15 (REGISTER NOW! MCC Employees)
HIST200C    TH    12:00P-01:25PM    01/11    $10 (REGISTER NOW! Current MCC Students)

Register online or call 531-MCC-5231 to register over the phone.