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MCC’s Noncredit Fashion Certificate

MCC is excited to partner with Fashion Institute Midwest in the Makerhood District. If you are interested in pursuing a degree in fashion or just want to enjoy a new hobby, take four noncredit classes through FIM to receive a MCC Noncredit Fashion Certificate and a credit toward the MCC Fashion Design program. For questions about the MCC Fashion Design program and fashion credit, contact Susie McWhirter at The following courses are offered throughout the year, visit our online registration site to view a list of current classes.  


Class offerings:

*Advanced Sewing Lab

Bring in your own projects to work on with the guidance of an instructor. This is an advanced class and a basic knowledge of machine sewing is required. Students will be required to bring their own materials and supplies to class.

*Design Presentation

Learn the basics of presenting a fashion line. You will learn to take ideas from concept boards and flat sketches, to finished presentation boards. These skills can be useful in formal presentations to fashion week interviews, buyers, funding sources and more. This fun, hands-on class will teach you the principles of fashion illustration and spark the inner designer in you.

*Fashion Illustration

Explore basics of fashion illustration, gain knowledge and concept of proportion, working with a nine head figure. Discover the principles of silhouette and drape, and the use of various mediums, including markers and watercolor to complete the illustration.

*Hidden Details: The Inside of a Garment is as Important as the Outside

Gain an understanding of various “inner garment” techniques. Many of these techniques are used in tailoring and couture sewing and make or break the quality of your designs. Discover the importance of interfacings, interlinings, linings, boning, hem finishes, pressing and more. 

*Introduction to Apparel Sewing

Let’s get acquainted with machine sewing for garments while exploring the basics of working with a sewing machine. Basics include straight and zigzag stitching, applying elastic and trims and making a finished simple garment. Learn to read and use a commercial pattern, how to cut out fabric and have a basic understanding of textiles. Leave with a finished garment and stitch samples to keep for reference. 

*Introduction to Apparel Sewing: Part II

Get ready for the next level of apparel sewing, learn basic seam finishes, simple hems, gathering, waistbands, buttons and buttonholes and even discover how to work with a serger. Complete a simple skirt and stitch samples for reference. 

*Introduction to Flat Pattern

Learn the basics of drafting apparel patterns by the Flat pattern method. Flat Pattern is the method of drafting patterns using paper and measurements. Complete a basic bodice sloper that can be used as a tool in creating custom patterns.

*Introduction to Flat Pattern II

Prerequisite: Introduction to Flat Pattern and sewing knowledge Discover how manipulate patterns to create different pattern shapes. We will discuss dart, skirt and sleeve manipulation. This is an advanced class. 

*Introduction to Apparel Draping

Prerequisite: Introduction to Flat Pattern II and Introduction to Apparel Sewing II
Learn the basics of drape clothing on a dress form as you complete a simple muslin garment. 

*Not All Satin is the Same. An Intro to Textiles

How do you choose the right fabrics for your garment design? Understanding textiles is one of the most important elements of fashion design. Explore the study of fiber and fabric properties, fabric weaving, knit construction, finishes, dying and printing techniques. This class will combine the study of textile history, textile science, uses of fiber and fabrics in fashion design, understanding industry technology of surface design and avenues of sourcing fabrics. 


These courses are offered throughout the year. Visit our online registration site to view a list of current classes. Note: Payment is due at the time of registration. Any class marked with an asterisk (*) is no discount.