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Noncredit Esports Certificate

The world of streaming, gaming and esports is exciting but it can be difficult to understand the full value of this new market trend. In our esports certificate program, students of all ages will be able to obtain a noncredit General Esports Certificate after taking three core classes: Esports Team Management, Esports Marketing and Esports Broadcasting.

Students will have access to the latest tech, including high powered PC's, high speed internet, Blue Yeti microphones and Logitech webcams. This certificate program can provide career pathways, transferable skills and help students identify new passions for full careers or supplementary income. 


Esports Broadcasting
Explore the art of broadcasting and commentating on professional esports matches.

Esports Marketing
This course will focus on the creation, execution and promotion of esports competitions as well as the gaming industry through different marketing methods. Students will also explore the logistics of sponsorships, tournament prizes, how to secure funding and the salaries of the gaming industry.

Esports Team Management
Discover the different roles and responsibilities that come with managing and creating a professional esports team.