North Makerhood District

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North Makerhood District Community Development in Action

The Arts and Trades District is an active, vibrant, unique “Makerhood” where arts, crafts and trades are nurtured, celebrated and supported by a walkable network of public spaces connecting a healthy mix of residential, industrial, commercial and public activities. The District will develop under a unique set of design requirements intended to promote and maintain a high quality of urban design and character of place. Thematically, the District will embody the ideas of exploration, discovery, distribution and the interaction between two things as a metaphor for making. The maker and the made will not only be demonstrated by artists, crafts people and retailers but also by buildings and the creative spaces between them.

North Makerhood District
1141 N. 11th St.
Omaha, NE 68102
(Just north of 11th and Nicholas streets)

Upcoming Classes

Ceramics for Beginners
Va Va Vintage! Couture Techniques
Draping the Basic Using a Dress Form
Wheel Thrown Pottery 
*Upholstery 101
From Scraps to Storytelling Quilts
*Upholstery 101
*Upholstery 102
Wheel Thrown Pottery for Teens
Draping Dior
Weaving 101
Classic Draping: The Trench Coat
Sand Casting Basics
Fabric Dyeing: Rust Dyeing and Natural Inks
Fabric Dyeing: Shibori Dyeing and Sumi Inking


Please note that any class marked with an asterisk (*) is no discount. 

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