Examples of Interactive Activities
Examples of Interactive Activities
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New North Makerhood District 

Reviving Lost Arts

North Downtown Omaha is home to the active, vibrant and unique "New North Makerhood District" where lost arts and trades are nurtured and supported by a walkable network of public spaces connecting a healthy mix of residential, industrial, commercial and public activities. The area was once comprised of light industry, trade and commercial rail use from Omaha's earliest days. Since then, the New North Makerhood District has been re-developed under a unique set of design and architectural requirements intended to maintain the character of the original buildings. 

Anyone who would like to practice and learn more about lost arts, like furniture upholstery and vintage fashion, in a creative environment will find something they love within New North Makerhood District. In several courses and workshops, MCC intends to ignite the passion of current and future artists as well as creative thinkers. Workshops within New North Makerhood District provide instruction for in-demand skills that have been nearly forgotten in the modern digital world. These courses embody the ideas of exploration, discovery and distribution. Check out this story about one of our upholstery students from the Omaha World-Herald

New North Makerhood District
1141 N. 11th St.
Omaha, NE 68102
(Just north of 11th and Nicholas streets)


Brick building in New North Makerhood District in Omaha  A woman working a weaving machine  

A woman upholsters a sitting chair with parrot-print canvas  A man demonstrates sand casting in warehouse workspace
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