Supply Lists

Class Supply Lists


ARTC002 - Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant
ARTC003 - Wireweaving - Adjustable Ring
ARTC004 - Chain Maille with Crystals Bracelet
ARTC005 - Beadweaving - Peyote Stitch with 2-Hole Beads 
ARTC032 - Basic Wirework - Earrings or Dangles
ARTC033 - Basic Bead Stringing - Bracelet or Necklace
ARTC059 - Wire Wrapped Tumbled Stone
ARTC216 - Watercolor Painting for Ages 50+
ARTC302 - Watercolor Painting for Beginners
ARTC424 - Wire Wrapped Crystal Cuff
ARTC425 - Chain Maille: Floating Pearls Bracelet
ARTC438 - Bob Ross: A Spectacular View  
ARTC439 - Bob Ross: At Light’s Dawn
ARTC450 - Chain Maille Jewelry: Japanese 4 in 1
ARTC451 - Wireweaving, Rectangle Bead Cuff


HOMI401 - Grow Mushrooms at Home
HOMI403 - Pollinators: Birds
HOMI404 - Mother Nature’s Lost Color 
HOMI406 - It’s so Easy Being Green


KIDS120 - Sewing with Mom
SEWI021 - Crochet 101: Introduction
SEWI022 - Knitting 101: Introduction
SEWI023 - Knitting 201: Next Steps
SEWI027 - Knitted Castons, Bindoffs, Seams and More
SEWI029 - Crochet 201: Next Steps
SEWI030 - Crocheted Crocodile Stitch
SEWI032 - Knitted Colorwork 1
SEWI052 - Crocheted Snowflakes
SEWI071 - Crochet 301: Beyond the Basics
SEWI402 - Knitting 301: Beyond the Basics
SEWI406 - From Fabric to Paper: Draping Basics
SEWI411 - Crochet Planned Color Pooling
SEWI412 - Crochet Broomstick Lace Hat​
SEWI413 - Knitting Lace
SEWI420 - From Fabric to Paper: Sleeves & Collars    
SEWI421 - From Fabric to Paper: Draping the Pencil Skirt  
SEWI422 - From Fabric to Paper: Draping the Princess Dress  
SEWI423 - From Fabric to Paper: Draping the Sheath
SEWI425 - Basic Alteration
SEWI426 - Building a Barbie Wardrobe
SEWI500 - Couture Construction:  Drape, Flat Pattern and Construct 
SEWI501 - Couture Construction:  Mock-up and Construction 


TEEN235 - Hand Sewing
TEEN236 - Creating Fabulously Fun Fabric
TEEN238 - Vintage Designing
TEEN520  - Classroom Couture:  Drape, Flat Pattern and Construc

View photos from some of our completed class projects. 

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