Supply Lists

All Continuing Education class supply lists are available below in PDF format.

You will need to have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader installed to read these documents. If you have any problems downloading or installing the Acrobat Reader, help is available.


ARTC-032N - Basic Wirework - Earrings or Dangles
ARTC-033N - Basic Bead Stringing - Bracelet or Necklace
ARTC-059N - Wire Wrapped Tumbled Stone
ARTC-216N - Watercolor Painting for Ages 50+
ARTC-302N - Watercolor Painting for Beginners
ARTC-424N - Wire Wrapped Crystal Cuff
ARTC-425N - Chain Maille: Floating Pearls Bracelet
ARTC-450N - Chain Maille Jewelry: Japanese 4 in 1
ARTC-451N - Wireweaving, Rectangle Bead Cuff
ARTC-452N - Bob Ross: Forest Dawn (Oval)

Home and Garden

HOMI-401N - Grow Mushrooms at Home
HOMI-403N - Pollinators: Birds
HOMI-404N - Mother Nature’s Lost Color 
HOMI-406N - It’s so Easy Being Green


SEWI-021N - Crochet 101: Introduction
SEWI-022N - Knitting 101: Introduction
SEWI-023N - Knitting 201: Next Steps
SEWI-027N - Knitted Castons, Bindoffs, Seams and More
SEWI-029N - Crochet 201: Next Steps
SEWI-402N - Knitting 301: Beyond the Basics
SEWI-406N - From Fabric to Paper: Draping Basics
SEWI-411N - Crochet Planned Color Pooling
SEWI-412N - Crochet Broomstick Lace Hat​
SEWI-413N - Knitting Lace
SEWI-420N - From Fabric to Paper: Sleeves & Collars    
SEWI-421N - From Fabric to Paper: Draping the Pencil Skirt  
SEWI-422N - From Fabric to Paper: Draping the Princess Dress  
SEWI-423N - From Fabric to Paper: Draping the Sheath
SEWI-425N - Basic Alteration
SEWI-426N - Building a Barbie Wardrobe

College for Teens

TEEN-235N - Hand Sewing
TEEN-236N - Creating Fabulously Fun Fabric
TEEN-238N - Vintage Designing

View photos from some of our completed class projects. 

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