Campus Table Reservations

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Table Reservation Request Form

Community organizations may reserve a table in Campus Common areas.

Terms for Reserving Tabling Space:

  1. All requests to reserve table space must be made at least ten business days in advance and submitted to the Campus Scheduler.  A tabling request does not guarantee a table reservation.

  2. While sharing information with students is permitted, students must approach the information table on their own.

    • No sales of goods or services

    • No solicitation for goods, services, religous or charitable purposes

    • No food or beverage sales

    • Request time must be within campus hours of operation

  3. If food or beverages are offered, free of charge, it must be procured from a caterer or vendor who has a current health certificate.

  4. The requesting party agrees to accept all liability for any damage done to College property resulting from the activity. Programs and activities must adhere to all state and federal laws as well as all College policies and regulations, including strict avoidance of excessive noise.

  5. The use of electronic amplification is not allowed; it may not be used without prior approval from the Campus Scheduler.

  6. Organizations are required to set-up and dismantle accompanying displays.

    1. All materials must be taken with the organization; storage for materials is not provided.

    2. Materials and displays left on-site at the end of a reservation will be discarded.

  7. It is the organization’s responsibility to provide all other table needs. The College provides only tables and chairs.

Tables can be reserved for the following areas:

  • Elkhorn Valley Campus, Commons

  • Fort Omaha Campus

    • Building 10, First Floor Commons
    • Building 22, Lobby
    • Building 23, Career and Academic Skills Center
  • South Omaha Campus

    • Connector Building Lower Commons

    • Connector Building Upper Common

    • Industrial Training Center Commons

    • Mahoney Building Commons

  • Applied Technology Center

  • Fremont Area Center Commons

  • Express Center Commons

  • Sarpy Center Commons

Currently there is no fee for a campus table, subject to change.

For assistance, contact:

Event Services

Disclaimer: Please note that College staff reserves the right to cancel or end tabling reservations early on account of inclement weather, school closures, emergency tests/drills, and any other reasons we deem necessary. This applies to all table reservations.