Arun Agarwal

MCC Foundation Board of Directors

Arun AgarwalArun Agarwal is a former NYC investment banker, who has returned to his hometown of Omaha to serve as CEO of White Lotus Group, a socially-conscious real estate development firm. Agarwal currently serves on the following boards: YMCA, Omaha Public Libraries (president), Library Foundation, Convention and Visitors Bureau and the MCC Public Arts Committee.

His hobbies and interests include traveling and getting to know other cultures, playing Soccer and Tennis. Professionally, he is eager to learn new things and push himself to strive higher.

Agarwal has been fascinated at the depth and reach that MCC has overall. He has visited with Culinary Arts to discuss the restaurant industry and states he has worked with the public health department to forge a relationship.

Agarwal comes from a family that is highly education oriented.  He continues to believe that education is the backbone to the brightest future one could have.

“Part of my work that I love the best is fostering new developments and projects which includes developing talent. Many of MCC’s programs seem to be geared around doing much of that. I couldn't imagine anything more rewarding then being a part of a person's educational development. Several of our employees are MCC students and graduates,” Agarwal said.