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Karen Pesek

MCC Foundation Treasurer

Karen Pesek

Karen Pesek is the Director of Finance and Community Liaison at Pesek Law, a bilingual personal injury law firm in Omaha. Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Karen moved to Columbus, Nebraska in 2003 after graduating high school with the goal of becoming bilingual and then returning to Mexico to complete her college education. She enrolled in Central Community College and earned her Associate of Arts Degree. At this time, she also met her husband, Ross Pesek, an attorney at Pesek Law. Karen went on to earn a Public Accounting degree in 2007. After college Karen worked as an auditor with Deloitte, an international accounting and consulting firm. As an auditor she had the opportunity to travel all over the United States, Mexico, and Spain.

Karen eventually left Deloitte to help operate the business side of the newly formed law firm, Pesek Law. In 2013, Karen and her husband co-founded the True Potential Scholarship program to help young immigrants achieve their true potential through quality, affordable education. This scholarship program focuses on providing opportunities to attend local community colleges for immigrants residing in Nebraska and Iowa. Karen is not only an advocate for immigrants, but is also an advocate for low-cost, no-debt, college education. In the past six years, True Potential has awarded over 100 scholarships to approximately 85 unique individuals using private funds raised under the Pesek's leadership.

Today, Karen's role at the law firm has evolved to include not only finance, but she's also the community liaison of the organization, collaborating with partners that serve the immigrant community in Nebraska and Iowa. For three years, Karen was the treasurer of the board of directors at the Heartland Workers Center an organization that promotes civic engagement amongst underrepresented communities. Karen is on the board of the non-profit Urban Abbey.

Karen and Ross, along with their three children, reside in South Omaha.