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Miltenberger Family Memorial Scholarship

The Miltenbergers:

L to R back row: Theo, Jerry, Leona(Lee), Ron, Pat, Woody 

L to R front row: Elizabeth (Liz) and Walter (Walt)

Miltenberger Family

The Miltenberger family is primarily from the Pierce County area of North Dakota. The cities of Towner, Knox and Rugby were positively impacted by the legacy of the Miltenberger family, their entrepreneur spirit and their passion to help others in the community.

That legacy now continues to the four corners of the USA (Arizona to Washington, Maine to the coast of Florida) and also right here in Omaha, Nebraska - where Lee settled with her family. Education is of critical importance to the family and it's hopes of assisting others to grow, learn and earn their way - to a better life.

Walter (Walt) Miltenberger
April 2, 1913 - December 5, 1986


Walt was born in Towner, North Dakota on April 2, 1913, and born into Eternity on Dec. 5, 1986.

Walt is honored in Rugby, North Dakota as one of the great leaders of the community. He served on the Rugby City Council until 1959 when he was appointed sheriff of Pierce County for 12 years, and then a municipal judge for 7 years.

Along with his wife Elizabeth and their six children, they founded three businesses in Rugby over the decades they lived there. That legacy, along with the entrepreneur spirit, has been handed down to the next two generations in the family. They are already building small businesses across the USA.

Walt didn't just live and work in his community, he gave back, each and every day. With Walt's drive and giving spirit he impacted way too many organizations to mention. The most important to the family was the 33 years he filled in as Santa to the community of Rugby for the families in need, and the joy and laughter that was shared.

Miltenberger FamilyWalt Miltenberger


Elizabeth (Liz) Miltenberger
February 19, 1915 - December 24, 2010

Liz was born in Pierce County, North Dakota on Feb. 18, 1915, and passed at 95 years young on Dec. 24 2010.

The oldest of 12 children, Liz became the matriarch of her family and the community of Rugby. She raised her family to have a deep appreciation for faith in God and giving back to the community as well.

While assisting Walt, the county sheriff, in opening and running each of the businesses that they founded in Rugby, she became part of county law enforcement. Liz was the matron of the County Jail. She held that position for 12 years with 24/7 duties. With more than seven decades of service to multiple community organizations, she enjoyed her role most as Ms. Claus and her work as a licensed foster parent for physically and mentally challenged children.

Her legacy of faith, family and education is passed down to her six children, 16 grandchildren, 32 great grandchildren and even a couple of great, great grandchildren.

Walt and Liz
Liz Miltenberger

Leona (Lee Miltenberger) McMullen
December 27, 1935 - March 2, 2000

Lee was born in Knox, North Dakota on Dec. 27, 1935 and entered into eternal rest on March 2, 2000, in Omaha, Nebraska.

After graduating from college and becoming a registered nurse, Lee raised four children while working full time as her family moved from North Dakota, to Omaha, down to Texas, and then back to Omaha in 1975.

Even though she battled a circulation disease that took her right leg in the early 1980s, she went back to school to earn her full degree, and then her master's degree at age 56 from UNO.

As an amputee, she was determined to work and contribute in life, to her family and to the community, which she did so wonderfully and with such grace. She taught her children the Miltenberger work ethic, faith in God and family, and a deep appreciation for education as well.

Lee Miltenberger Lee MiltenbergerLee Miltenberger

JULY 30, 1963 - AUGUST 12, 2021

As the youngest of Lee’s children, Noreen was born in Bismarck, N. Dakota and survived by her two brothers; Terry and Kevin, along with her sister Colleen (pictured left to right).
Loved by all her family, she was a favorite babysitter with all her nephews and a niece, too. Noreen was taken way too early at only 58 years old.
Picture of Noreen, brothers Terry and Kevin, and sister Colleen.Noreen Lynn McMullenYoung Noreen.

Ronald (Ron) Miltenberger
September 3, 1937 - June 2, 2014

Ron was born in Knox, North Dakota on Sept. 3, 1937 and passed at 76 years of age on June 2, 2014. Ron was the oldest boy of six children. He was an active member of the Catholic Church early in life serving as an alter boy and later in life as an usher. Ronald was always available to help his family and friends with advice or a helping hand. He was an excellent role model with a strong work ethic and teacher to his two daughters Rhonda and Marla, and his five grandchildren. He was married, and right before his passing had celebrated his 50th anniversary with his wife Marjorie.


Ron's business legacy started at a young age from working in the family businesses owned by his parents Walt and Liz from milking cows to running the meat packaging plant. Ron served his country in the Navy as a young man in mid 1950s. He owned and operated two grocery stores in Iowa, and employed many people in the community. He was a strong believer in supporting fellow local business owners and was a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Not a person to provide a hand out, he much preferred to help everyone and anyone with a hand up, and any support they needed to better their lives while working to earn that outcome.
Ron was a very competitive person who loved to play cards. He retired young due to his hard work and spent the winter months in Arizona golfing and playing cards with friend and relatives. Ron and Marjorie would go to the Midwest in the summer months to visit family and spent their free time camping and fishing.


Ron golfing



Ron Miltenberger


Scholarship Criteria:

  • Certificate or associate degree in any program of study at MCC
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5

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