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Discover.Engage.Navigate your MCC journey (PDF)

Discover! 0-27 credits

Take Charge of Your Career
This is the first step in taking charge of your career.  You can create a Career and Major Action Plan and assess your career readiness with the Are You Career Ready? Assessment.  The first step in taking charge of your career is a resume and cover letter.  The Career Studio staff members are ready to assist with creating a resume or cover letter.  If you already have a resume and cover letter, stop by for a critique to make sure you highlight your skills.

Build Your Network
Start growing your network from the first day of class.  Connect with your classmates, introduce yourself to your instructors, join an MCC club.  Also, create a LinkedIn account to begin networking with professionals in your industry. Don’t know where to start? Need your LinkedIn account critiqued? Stop by and see a Career Studio staff member.

Engage! 28-54 credits

Gain New Experiences
This is the second step in taking charge of your career.  As you continue through your courses begin to seek out internships to apply your knowledge to the real world, Any MCC student pursuing a degree program should be actively seeking internships and gaining real world experience. The Career Studio staff can assist with job and internship skills along with practicing interview skills.  Create your InternNE account today and start applying to internships across Nebraska.  Don’t wait until graduation to begin job searching. Create your NEworks account as soon as you enroll in MCC classes. 

Build Your Network
Engage in your education through real world experiences. Interact with employers in your industry through job shadows, informational interviews, workshops and internships. Step away from your textbooks and allow yourself to connect with real employers in the areas that you are interested in.

Navigate! 55+ credits

This is the third step in taking charge of your career. As you continue to gain experiences from the Discover and Engage phase, you can track your extra-curricular journey through MyHub.  This is a time to continue to grow your skills and hone in on your natural talents, skills, and abilities.  Stop by the Career Studio to speak with a staff member about next steps towards your goal as a New Hire!

Toolbox. The toolbox houses career related resources for students, faculty, and employers.  Want to know more about resumes? Cover letters? Or check out the NEworks tutorial videos or NACE best practices for employers. Take a moment to browse through the different links and information.

Again, welcome to MCC Career Studio and now that you have discovered our site, tell your friends and family about us! 

Wishing you all the best!
MCC Career Studio


Take Charge of Your Career

  • Create a Career and Major Action Plan
  • Are You Career Ready?
  • Resume Creation and Critique
  • Cover Letter Creation and Critique

Build Your Network

  • Get Involved at MCC
  • Connect and Network with MCC Students and Faculty
  • LinkedIn Account Creation and Critique


Gain New Experience

  • Apply for New Opportunities
  • Job and Internship Search
  • Practice Interview Skills

Make New Connections

  • Attend Career/Job Fairs
  • Meet with an Industry Professional
  • Join a Professional Association Related to your Industry



  • Update your Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn Profile
  • Track your Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Journey
  • Cultivate References for your Application Process
  • Continue Job and Internship Search