See also Horticulture databases.

  • Backyard Farmer (UNL Extension) - Includes the Master Gardener Program and many UNL Cooperative Extension publications
  • Dave's Garden - Gardening forums, seed trading, plus plant and bug identification databases.
  • Garden Guides - "A collection of top-quality gardening information, including gardening how-to's by top garden writers, plant fact sheets and guide sheets, seasonal tips and garden techniques, garden recipes, and much more."
  • Horticulture, Land Systems, and Management - Horticulture programs at Metropolitan Community College.
  • Lawn & Garden - Links from the Michigan State University Extension Information program.
  • Ohio State University WebGarden - Contains over 4000 fact sheets and 20,000 pages of garden and horticulture information. the Plant Dictionary and PlantFacts (a FactSheet database) are the heart of this website.
  • PLANTS Database - This database from the United States Department of Agriculture provides information about plants of the United States and its territories including scientific and common plant names and classification reports.
  • Quia Activities- Horticulture 1100.
  • TreeLink - Created by the National Urban and Community Forestry Advisory Council of the USDA Forest Service, this site provides educational materials, how-to guides, a research database, discussion forums, a listing of national and local sources, and interactive tools for tree identification and selection.
  • UI Plants - A database of woody landscape plant identification, culture and usage for the Midwest.
  • Virtual Plant and Pest Diagnostic Laboratory (Purdue University) - Experts identify pests and other problems associated with plants.