Math Refresher Program

MyMathTest program

Metropolitan Community College has prepared a MyMathTest program for placement test and course review available to prospective and current students at no cost.

You can evaluate your current skill level according to class or placement test section and then work additional practice problems to improve weak areas.

The Developmental Mathematics - Trigonometry program covers material from basic computational skills up through trigonometry, as well as additional material to review for math placement tests.

The Pre-Calculus Algebra & Calculus I program covers material and topics from MCC's Pre-Calculus Algebra and Calculus I courses, as well as additional material to review for math placement tests.

To sign up, you will need to register for MyMathTest and then enroll in the program.

How to Register and Enroll in Your Program

To register, go to, click Student and then OK. Register now and follow the instructions on the screen.


After registering, sign in to MyMathTest with your username and password. To enroll in one of the available programs, enter one of the following program IDs:

  • If you were given a program ID to sign up for a specific program, use that ID.

  • The program ID for Developmental Mathematics - Trigonometry is: XL3T-R1Y9-001Y-3EV2

  • The program ID for Pre-Calculus Algebra & Calculus I is: XL3T-R1YE-001Z-10W2

If you wish to work on two programs at the same time, you will need to create a separate MyMathTest account for each program.

Need more help?

To get more help with registering and enrolling, go to Student Support and get help with setting up your computer, signing in to your program, frequently asked questions or contacting Technical Support.