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Emergency Ride Home

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) is a part of the Pass to Class program.

UPDATE: Metro Transit resumes charging fares on Monday, June 15th. Due to this, bus passes will again be available for the summer quarter. Eligible individuals will be added to MCC's approved zTrip ERH list beginning Wednesday, June 24th.

Please note, the ERH program will not be available at the beginning of the Summer quarter because bus rides on Metro Transit are currently free and there are no bus passes available from Metro Transit. ERH eligibility is determined by bus pass use. This website will be updated if this situation changes during the Summer quarter. Pass to Class users can also check MyWay for updates. 

What is Emergency Ride Home?

Emergency Ride Home (ERH) provides a free taxi ride home for Pass to Class users in the case of an emergency. Rides must originate from an MCC location and the rider must have taken the bus to that location. Rides can include up to two stops; for example, stop at daycare, then home.

Who is eligible to use an ERH?

Active Pass to Class users are eligible for the ERH program. If a Pass to Class user becomes ineligible for Pass to Class (i.e., dropped all classes), then they cannot use the ERH program. Please note, it may take up to a week (seven days) for new Pass to Class individuals to be added  to the approved list.

When can an ERH be used?

ERH can be used when the bus service is insufficient due to an emergency. Participants should only use the ERH when they have taken the bus to an MCC location. An ERH can be used only in the following instances:

  • Unexpected illness or accident of the participant

  • Unexpected illness or accident of an immediate family member or dependent (child, partner/spouse, parent, or household dependent)

  • Inclement weather (i.e., the College closes mid-day or the buses are not running)

How many rides are allowed per quarter?

Participants are allowed two free rides per quarter. All additional rides will be at the responsibility of the student. 

How is a ride requested?

Please note, it may take up to seven (7) days for Pass to Class users to be added to the approved list for ERH riders once students have signed up for Pass to Class.

  • The ride must originate from an MCC campus location that the P2C user arrived at with the bus 

  • Call zTrip at 402-292-2222

  • Provide the code MCCEH, the pick-up address and the drop off address(es)

    • Up to two locations are permitted (e.x., daycare then home). The driver cannot wait more than ten minutes if your emergency ride home requires a stop. If you need additional time at the first location, it will be considered two rides and only the first will be paid for by MCC. 

    • The dispatch will check to see if you are on the approved list

    • Mention if there are any accommodations needed for disability or bikes

  • Expect a 5-20 minute wait

  • Show your ID when entering the cab

How does the user know how many rides they've used?

MCC receives a report of rides taken on a weekly basis. Once the list is received, users will be sent an email telling them when the ride was taken and how many the individual has left. If you receive this information and did not take a ride, please contact the sustainability office at or 531-622-2621.

What should a user do if they have issues with accessing an ERH?

Please note that it may take up to seven (7) days for individuals to be added to the approved list after signing up for Pass to Class. If a Pass to Class user has difficulty accessing an ERH, contact the sustainability office at or 531-622-2621 or 531-622-2589.