Examples of Interactive Activities
Examples of Interactive Activities
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Our Mission

The Success Program is a collaborative learning community of students, faculty, and staff that cultivates academic and career success by connecting students with high-quality services.



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Our vision

The Success Program is a welcoming, dynamic hub where students can engage in learning behaviors and connect with support services, and where faculty and staff collaborate to enhance support for students’ academic and career development.

MCC Academic Support

MCC offers a network of free academic support services to all enrolled students. See our affiliate websites for more information about each of our services:

The Math Center offers free drop-in assistance for all levels of math offered at MCC and one-on-one math tutoring by appointment.

The Reading Center provides instruction and support to help students discern and apply the specific skill sets required for comprehending textbooks, literature, academic essays, professional journals, and digital media sources.

Tutoring helps strong students excel and assists struggling students in overcoming obstacles to success. Free drop-in tutoring for high-demand subjects such as chemistry, accounting, and Spanish is available in the CAS Center and in Building 10, Room 209. Schedules are available online and are posted in CASC and Building 10.

The Writing Center assists writers at any stage of the writing process, addressing all writing-related concerns—both global and local. The center provides individual consultations, in-house workshops, computer resources, and grammar handouts

The Learning and Tutoring Center provide free tutoring, academic assistance,  software resources and state-of-the-art equipment and services to support the learning needs of students across all areas of the College's curriculum.

The Language and Literacy Center at Metropolitan Community College offers resources for English language learning to MCC students, faculty and staff.