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Seeking resources to assist your students who are English language learners  demonstrates your interest in supporting the diverse learning needs of all your students.  Whether or not faculty have experience teaching and learning languages, when we start from this perspective, our students feel our commitment to our work and to their success. 

Thank you!


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the English language learners at MCC?

Broad Profiles of ELLs at MCC

My students who are ELLs rarely participate in my class. What can I do to encourage their involvement in class discussions?

Encouraging Class Participation of ELL Students

How can I help ELLs get the most out of the textbook and my lectures?

Supporting Reading and Lecture Comprehension for ELL Students

How do I respond to  language mistakes in ELL student writing?

Tips for Working with ELL Writers

We'd love to hear from you

The friendly TESOL experts in the Language and Literacy Center are happy to talk with instructors from any program about instructional strategies that support students who are developing academic English language skills. 

  • One-on-one consultations to discuss course materials and methods
  • Presentations or workshops for faculty groups
  • Confidential peer observations of a class session with follow up conversation

 Email the Language and Literacy Center
Or call us at 531-MCC-4772.