Profile of a good candidate for the MCC Gateway to College Program

  • The student has the academic skills to do high school work but for some reason is at risk of not graduating.
  • The student could have been successful in high school, but some life event interrupted their high school success.
  • Lacking motivation, the student fell behind in credits, but with a career goal requiring a college degree, the student might be motivated to succeed in a new environment.
  • The student had a slow start in high school but is improving and with a fresh start has the potential to succeed.  
  • The student who is distracted in the high school setting but would thrive in a college environment.

Student talking to MCC staff

Referring a student to the MCC Gateway to College Program

  • Before referring a student, please review the eligibility requirements.  If you have questions about eligibility, call Gateway to College at 531-622-2746.
  • Have student read "Getting Started." This walks the student though what they need to do to apply.
  • Encourage the student to call to register for an upcoming information session.  All Gateway to College applicants must attend an information session in order to start the application process and be considered for admission. 
  • Application packet—student must complete application and bring to an information session.

Things to think about:

  • How should I advise students as they go through the admission process?

Gateway to College's design, as an Early College High School initiative, is to accept students who demonstrate the skills needed to do college-level course work. Please remember, admission to Gateway to College is an application and selection process. For this reason, encourage your students to remain enrolled in classes (if currently enrolled) until they know the status of their application or even until courses begin with Gateway to College. If possible, students should work with high school counselors and instructors to complete the credit coursework in progress at the time of application. 

  • How can I prepare my students for Gateway to College?

Thank you for wanting to help prepare your students for Gateway to College. The first thing you can do is help your students understand what they are applying for in Gateway to College. Discuss with your students the opportunity they will have in the  program to begin their college education as they finish their high school diploma is step number one. We have found that students who have a post-high school diploma goal in mind typically do better with the program. Additionally, imparting to students the challenge and rigor that comes with taking college classes will help set them up for success. Students must be ready and excited to accept the challenge. The second thing you can do to help your students prepare is encourage them to begin working on their reading abilities through increased exposure; in other words, encourage the students to get in the habit of more reading. As we all know, reading really is the foundation for success in academic endeavors. Gateway to College is no exception. Advising students to increase their positive reading habits will encourage their future success. 

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