Course Overviews

These one-page overview documents provide students and advisors a general sense of each online course at MCC. The overviews communicate what a student can expect related to workload, topics covered, required materials and student responsibilities.

Overviews of Online Courses

Accounting (ACCT)


Biology (BIOS)

Business (BSAD)

Chemistry (CHEM)

Chinese (CHIN)

Culinary (CHRM)

Criminal Justice (CRIM)

Early Childhood Education (ECED)

Economics (ECON)

Education (EDUC)

English (ENGL)

Entrepreneurship (ENTR)

Finance (FINA)

Fire Science Technology (FIST)

French (FREN)

Geography (GEOG)

German (GERM)

Health Data and Information Management (HCIA)

Health Information Management Systems (HIMS)

History (HIST)

Health Information Technology (HITP)

Health (HLTH)

Human Relations (HMRL)

Human Services (HMSV)

Humanities (HUMS)

Industrial and Commercial Trades (INCT)

Information Technology (INFO)

Insurance (INSU)

Languages (LANG)

Legal Studies (LAWS)


Music (MUSC)

Nursing (NURS)

Philosophy (PHIL)

Physics (PHYS)

Political Science (POLS)

Psychology (PSYC)

Reading and Learning Skills (RDLS)

Real Estate (REES)

Science (SCIE)

Sign Language (SLIS)

Sociology (SOCI)

Social Work (SOWK)

Spanish (SPAN)

Speech (SPCH)

Theatre (THEA)