In-Class Success Presentations

In-Class Success Presentations

Available by faculty or staff request, presentations range from 20 to 60 minutes in length and are facilitated by experienced staff from MCC's Success Program, Learning & Tutoring Centers, and Library.

Request Guidelines:
  • To request presentation(s) for your class or group, complete and submit this form. (Note: this link will take you to MyHub, where you will sign in with your usual MCC credentials.)
  • Please allow a minimum of two weeks between the request date and the presentation date. This allows us to match a facilitator with your chosen topic, location, and date.
  • The requesting staff or faculty member should be present during the presentation.
  • Staff and faculty can request up to two full-length (45 to 60-minute) workshops per class section per quarter, each during a separate class meeting.
  • Staff and faculty can request up to four 20-minute mini-workshops, no more than two per separate class meeting. Mini-workshops provide information about a narrower section of a topic and encourage students to seek additional Success Program and Learning & Tutoring Center services.

Click the name of each workshop below to learn more about presentation content. (Note: The links will take you to MyHub, where you will sign in with your usual MCC credentials.)

Available Presentations & Length Facilitated By
Discover MCC Tutoring & Academic Support (20 minutes) Success Program / LTC
College Success Strategies  - 3 options
  • Study Smarter, Not Harder: College Success Strategies (45 minutes)
  • College Success: tde Essentials (20 minutes)
  • College Reading & Memory Tips (20 minutes)
Success Program / LTC
Microsoft Office Workshops - 3 options
  • Introduction to MS Word (45 minutes)
  • tde Absolute Essentials of MS Word (20 minutes)
  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel (45 minutes)
  • tde Absolute Essentials of Excel (20 minutes)
  • Introduction to Powerpoint (45 minutes)
  • tde Absolute Essentials of Powerpoint (20 minutes)
Success Program / LTC
Note-Taking Workshops - 3 options
  • Note-Taking Tips and Strategies (45 minutes)
  • Basics of College Note-Taking (20 minutes)
  • Top Note-Taking Strategies (20 minutes)
Success Program / LTC
Test-Taking Tips and Test Anxiety – 4 options
  • Test-Taking Tips and Strategies (45 minutes)
  • Test Prep 101: tde Essentials (20 minutes)
  • Conquering Test Anxiety (20 minutes)
  • Tackling Test Items: From True/False to Essay Exams (20 minutes)
Success Program / LTC
Time and Stress Management – 3 options
  • Time and Stress Management for College Students (45 minutes)
  • Time Management for College (20 minutes)
  • Stress Management for Students (20 minutes)
Success Program / LTC
Student Introduction to Blackboard (45 minutes) Success Program / LTC
 Navigating My Way: Exploring tde My Way Home Page (20 minutes) Success Program / LTC
Finding Resources for Research Papers (45 minutes) Library
Building Your Engagement Resume (45 minutes) Student Affairs
Budgeting 101 (45 minutes) AAA Banking

For additional information about this service, contact Gina York at (531) 622-2410 or