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No one can tell you more about the Success Program and Learning and Tutoring Centers than the people who matter most to us: our students—so we take pride in letting them speak for themselves. Read what they have to say. Use a QR code scanner to listen from their own voices, and you’ll see how unique, impressive and ambitious our students and graduate are, and why we’re so confident that you, like them, will be happy to recommend our services to your friends, your family and your fellow classmates as a great place to start—or to enhance—your career.


Student Spotlight January 2019


Why did you choose to attend Metropolitan Community College?
My job closed down and I had an opportunity to go back to school to get some type of degree. I also want to create a legacy for my Great-Grandson that education is important.
What is your major?
Human Services.  
What is your expected graduation date? 
May 2020.
Do you plan to further your education after receiving your associate’s degree?
Depends on what the future brings. But, I am not opposed to receiving more education.
How often do you utilize the LTC per week?
Three to five times per week at least. Depends on what assignments I have.
How has LTC  impacted your education overall?
Tremendously, I would suggest that everyone utilize the LTC. I got three A’s last semester and I think the LTC helped with that. Plus, the LTC is free.
A book you would recommend? 
I really liked Michelle Obama’s new book “Becoming.” I like that it showed that anyone can succeed with hard work.
What has been your greatest challenge?
Technology, I had not had a lot of interaction with computers before.
What advice do you have for incoming students?
Utilize all the resources available to you, such as the math center, writing center, LTC and the library. Also, no challenge is too difficult if you just put the work in.