Success Workshops

MCC offers success workshops to support students in reaching their academic and career goals. We offer workshops in three formats to serve the community:

  • Online Success Workshops: These workshops are instructional modules available for self-paced learning at any time. Each workshop should take 45-60 minutes to complete. A certificate will be emailed upon completion and can be shared with your instructor.

  • In-class Success Presentations:  Faculty and staff wanting to request an in-class success presentation can find the available topics and request forms on our In-class Presentations page.

  • Success Workshops (Drop-in):  Enrolled students who would like a 20- to 30-minute one-on-one workshop on any of the topics below can drop in at any MCC Learning and Tutoring Center. 

    Drop-in workshops cover the following topics:

    • Discover MCC Tutoring & Academic Support

    • College Success: The Essentials

    • College Reading & Memory Tips

    • MS Word: The Absolute Essentials

    • MS Excel: The Absolute Essentials

    • MS PowerPoint: The Absolute Essentials

    • Basics of College Note-Taking

    • Top Note-Taking Strategies

    • Time Management for College

    • Stress Management for Students