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Proctoring Services

Arranging For A Proctored Exam with An MCC Location

Metropolitan Community College provides proctoring services for non-MCC students requiring a secure and monitored location to complete an exam for an outside institutions. MCC reserves the right to schedule these exams based on the availability of seating and the ability to accommodate students based on the requesting institutions testing requirements.

If the exam has complex instructions, course instructors should consult with a Testing Center staff member prior to the testing date to ensure that correct instructions have been documented and can be given to the student at the time of testing. Testing Center staff members are not to be held responsible for correcting, duplicating or interpreting exams. Only materials and instructions annotated on the MCC Instructor Transmittal Form for External Proctoring will be allowed.

Students will be informed of the given time limit(s) for the exam and the Start and Stop times will be documented. However, it is not always possible to monitor a student's exam time and that responsibility is left up to the student.


There is a $30 proctoring examination fee for each proctored exam. This fee must be paid in advance of taking the exam. Fees may be paid at either the Student Services Cashier Cage (cash, credit card or check) or by contacting the Student Accounts office at 531-622-2405 (credit card only). Students must obtain and present a receipt a number to the Testing Center as proof of payment before testing can be initiated.

If paper copies of the exam and materials and/or the results from other types of testing must be returned to an outside organization through the US Postal Service. Then all postage, packaging and handling must be prepaid and provided by the outside educational institution or the student themselves prior to the start of any testing as well.


If Disability Support Services (DSS) Accommodations are needed for a student to take an exam, it is the student and/or the student's home college/university DSS responsibility to provide this information in advance to the testing center prior to the examination or assessment date. Students and/or the student's college or university DSS is also responsible for making any special arrangements to have a writer, reader, transcriber or translator scheduled to meet with the student in advance as well to meet the students accommodations requirements.

Procedure to schedule a proctored exam:

Students are expected to contact the Testing Center at least 1 week prior to their exam date to schedule their proctored test. Keep in mind that MCC is closed major holidays.  Schedule your appointment as soon as possible to ensure you can complete your exam before any deadlines.
Instructors are not permitted to schedule test dates for their students.

The student submits the MCC Instructor Transmittal Form for External Proctoring to their instructor to submit to the MCC Testing Center the student has scheduled their proctored exam. The MCC Instructor Transmittal Form for External Proctoring is required to accompany each exam submitted, whether submitted online or in hard copy. Exams and transmittal forms must be received jointly and at least 48 hours prior to the student's appointment to test.


All students are required to have a valid original (not a picture or photocopy) government issued photo ID to take any exam. Students will not be allowed to test if they do not have the correct identification available.

For additional information and to schedule a proctored exam for an outside institution, contact an MCC Testing Cener listed below:


829 N. 204th St., Elkhorn, NE 68022
Room 158

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-1278


5300 N. 30th St., Omaha, NE 68111
Building 23, room 311

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-2204


835 N. Broad St., Fremont, NE 68025
MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-3000


9110 Giles Road, La Vista, NE 68128
Room 116

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-3803


2909 Edward Babe Gomez Avenue, Omaha, NE 68107
Connector Building, Room 102

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-4613