MCC at Do Space

MCC at Do Space

Together with our partners at the non-profit Community Information Trust, Metropolitan Community College houses a modern training center that brings the best of today’s technology to central Omaha, utilizing the second floor of Do Space. Flexible, active learning opportunities are offered for all types of learners, including older adults, job seekers, incumbent workers, emerging entrepreneurs, parents with young children, teens and college-bound students. Do Space is a technology library, a digital workshop and an innovation playground. At Do Space, there’s no limit to what you can do!


Do Space
7205 Dodge St.
(Southwest corner of 72nd and Dodge streets)

MCC at Do Space  (2nd floor)
Phone: 531-MCC-7234

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May 2017 CLASSES


Advanced Aquaponics*
Taught by Greg Fripp of Whispering Roots, you will learn advanced Aquaponics skills and cover topics such as materials, water testing, crop starting and aquaponic system construction. It is highly recommended that you take Introduction to Aquaponics prior to taking the advanced class. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
ANIM-151N-30   SA   09:30A-12:30P   05/06-05/06   $20
Organic Beekeeping
This three-hour class is taught by Tony Sandoval, certified OBC Master Beekeeper and professional apiarist. The class teaches participants about beekeeping from a scientifically organic approach and covers terminology, hives, methods and equipment that best facilitate successful organic beekeeping. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
ANIM-256N-51   M   05:30P-08:30P   05/08-05/08   $25
Assembling Langstroth Hives
This class will teach participants how to assemble all of the primary parts of a Langstroth Hive. Participants will be guided using air nailers/staplers, exterior wood glue, hammer, drill/power screwdriver and hardware. The use of “jigs” to facilitate rapid parts will be covered as well. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
ANIM-058N-54   M   05:30P-08:30P   05/15-05/15   $34


Learn how to depict other people (and celebrities) in exaggerated cartoon likenesses by emphasizing particular features of faces, bodies and postures. (four weeks)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
ARTC-430N-80   TH   06:00P-07:30P   05/11-06/01   $47
Cricut: Make Your Own Designs and Text
Are you having fun with your Cricut Cutter but still trying to make your own designs or use fonts from other software for your projects? Bring your Cricut with you or you can print on our Cricut Expression 2 Air. Designs will be proofed on paper, but participants can bring their own material if they want something specific. Check owner’s manual for your machine. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
ARTC-507N-50   SA   09:30A-11:30A   05/13-05/13   $30
Making Bismuth Crystals
Come use the magic of science to make art. Participants learn how to manage the heating and cooling of bismuth to create geometric crystals that can be used in jewelry, art or stand on their own. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
ARTC-508N-50   SA   01:00P-05:00P   05/13-05/13   $73


Automate! Technology Workshop
Take the first step in learning about programming, building automation and the Internet in this interactive, very hands-on learning experience. For all ages, but geared mostly toward high-school students and older. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
WIDX-280N-52   SA   09:00A-04:00P   05/13-05/13   $20


Reframing Conflict
What role do you play in conflict situations in your program? Do you know how to turn a conflict situation into an opportunity for growth? This interactive workshop introduces participants to a step-by-step model for reframing conflict as well as general principles of conflict resolution. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
BSAD-429N-50 M 10:00A-12:00P 05/01-05/01 $0
Structure and Clear Limits
How do you prevent chaos in a youth environment without stifling the positive energy of youth? Youth need structure and clear limits in order to feel safe. This interactive workshop helps participants analyze the level of structure in their programs and practice identifying and maintaining clear limits. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
BSAD-430N-50   M   10:00A-12:00P   05/08-05/08   $0
Youth Voice
Are you providing young people with authentic, meaningful choices throughout your program? Does your program reflect the input of the youth involved? Research shows that quality programs incorporate youth input at both activity and organizational levels. This workshop will emphasize the importance of offering real choices and leadership. This interactive workshop is focused on providing meaningful choice within activities and opportunities for youth input within youth program itself. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
BSAD-431N-50   M   10:00A-12:00P   05/15-05/15   $0


To enroll or determine if you qualify for funding for any of the certification courses, please contact:
Workforce Training Academy
Phone: 531-MCC-4526
Word 2013 Advanced
In this course, you will work on real-world problems like the ones you will encounter in the work environment. Learn how to browse, sort and find information, plus access and share documents from anywhere. This is the last course that maps to the Word certification exam. This course is required for the Master Word Certification. Books and testing voucher included. Funding is available for those that qualify.
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
WIDX-612N-01   SA   09:00A-03:00P   05/06-05/20   $299


Beyond the Basics 3-D Printing Advanced*
Students will design and implement an advanced 3-D design concept including the final finishing.
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
COMP-324N-50   SU   10:00A-02:00P   05/14-05/14   $45

How to Blog for Profit
Are you a blogger? Are you ready to transform your blog into a business and start earning money? Instructor, Nicole McDonald, a full-time blogger with more than eight years’ experience, will share blog monetization strategies. Everything from affiliate income, selling ad space, creating products, joining ad networks and securing sponsored posts. Learn how to create content that keeps readers coming back for more and start making money. Obtain your username and password by logging on to (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
COMP-490N-80   TH   05:45P-08:45P   05/18-05/18   $42
You will learn to design sites with HTML5 and CSS using Adobe Dreamweaver, the industry standard for website design. Additionally, focus will be put on how to critically evaluate website quality, create and maintain quality web pages, and assess web design standards. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
COMP-917N-50   SU   09:15A-12:15P   05/21-05/21   $40


Tracking Legends of the Midwest
Jesse James, Lewis and Clark, Amelia Earhart and more have claimed the Midwest as their homes. We will explore how you can trace their paths to fame by showing you places in the Midwest that highlight their legendary statuses. Bring your sense of adventure and history for a journey across the Midwestern plains to chase robbers and explorers. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
HIST-413N-50   W   06:30P-08:00P   05/24-05/24   $18
No Passport. No Problem.
Can’t afford that trip to Europe, but want to get a taste of it? You can take a trip to other parts of the world by visiting some sites here in the Midwest. We’ll show you sites where you can explore Dutch, Scandinavian, Native American, pioneer cultures and more. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
HIST-412N-50   W   06:30P-08:00P   05/10-05/10   $18


Hospitality Spanish
Course covers useful Spanish vocabulary and phrases to better communicate in hospitality management. Also, learn about management tips for Hispanic employees. Taught by author/educator Julie Pospishil and Spanish Chat Company. Price includes a Hispanic snack and access to online materials to practice culinary Spanish. Optional Culinary Spanish Chatbooks will be available for purchase. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
LANG-706N-50   M   01:30P-03:30P   05/08-05/08   $35
Latin America
Discover interesting places and traditions in Latin America, along with tidbits about the Hispanic culture. Price includes access to online games and materials to practice Spanish. We will also have a Hispanic snack. Optional Spanish Chatbooks and CDs will be available for purchase. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
LANG-710N-50   M   12:00P-01:30P   05/08-05/08   $35


Cyber Safety: How to Stay Connected and Protected
The Internet is a goldmine for scam artists. Learn about practices that put you at risk and steps you can take to keep your information secure when online. Dinner will be provided at no charge. Presented by AARP Nebraska. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
FINA-050N-50   TH   06:00P-07:30P   05/11-05/11   $0
Social Media Basics
Intimidated by social media? Having difficulty figuring out the difference between Twitter and Facebook? Learn the differences, benefits and downfalls of the most popular social media services and which would be best for you. Additionally, learn how to avoid scams and other negative aspects of being online. Bring your laptop, smartphone or tablet. If you already have a social media account, bring your username and password. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
COMP-930N-50   T   01:00P-04:00P   05/09-05/09   $45
Weed and Insect Identification
Learn about the main weeds and insects threatening your gardens and landscape, as well as how to protect against them without the use of lots of chemicals. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
HOMI-602N-50   W   02:00P-04:00P   05/10-05/10   $20
Your YouTube Channel
Learn to post your own creative videos, showcase your skills, stream live events, share your life story or post videos for your children and grandchildren to enjoy! Publishing videos to YouTube is a fun way to get your message out to the world and a great way to start building an online reputation. Also, discover how to control video settings like comments, embedding and more. A Gmail account is required. Bring your username and password if not already signed in on a device, a cellphone with video capabilities and your video ideas. (one session)
MCC at Do Space, 7205 Dodge St. (second floor)
COMP-932N-50   T   01:00P-04:00P   05/16-05/16   $45

This just a short listing of classes offered at Do Space. Be sure to check out our schedule for a full listing.
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