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2021 Summer Quarter ONLY
Free Tuition, Fees, & Textbooks

If you are a Nebraska high school student graduating in 2021-2024, you are automatically eligible to take credit classes with no charge for tuition, fees or textbooks. This option is only available for the 2021 summer quarter. Students will be responsible for tools or other required supplies. Classes begin June 6, 2021.

ready to enroll?

Step 1: If you haven't taken a college course before, talk to your high school counselor to see if taking a college course is right for you.
Step 2: If you haven't taken an MCC course, complete the free MCC Application.
​Step 3: Call the Contact Center, 531-622-2400, to make an appointment with a Success Navigator.
Step 4: Review the Summer Quarter class schedule, the MCC academic programs of interest to you, and the MCC transfer site.
Step 5: Meet with the Success Navigator who will register you for classes.
Step 6: Order textbooks online or in person from the MCC Bookstore between May 29 and July 19.  Details below.


Registered students and their parent/guardian are encouraged to attend a College NOW! Welcome virtual session hosted by Enrollment Management which includes information about MCC’s program offerings, student life, student resources and much more. The sessions offer students and parent/guardians the opportunity to learn about the college and ask questions. Register Today.   


Books need to be purchased between May 29 - June 18 to qualify.  You can purchase textbooks in person at Elkhorn, Fort Omaha or South Campus locations or online.

  • Purchasing books on campus:

    • The student needs to be present to purchase their books

    • A state issued ID or your MCC Student ID is required for purchase

    • Provide your MCC Student ID number at checkout

  • Purchasing online:

    • When checking out to pay, click on Financial Aid/Scholarship

    • Your MCC Student ID number is your account number.

    • Books ordered online can be shipped or picked up on campus

Visit the Bookstore website for additional information and to watch a video on how to purchase your books online.  If you need assistance understanding how to purchase your books, please feel free to call 531-622-2272.


Early Entry Enrollment

If you are under the age of 16, the Early Entry Enrollment portion of the CollegeNow! form must be completed. Prior to registration, your CollegeNow! form is sent to the Secondary Partnerships Office, Building 7, for dean approval.

Note: All appointments will be remote until further notice. Based on course prerequisite(s), placement tests may be required as determined by the Success Navigator.

Questions: Please call the MCC Contact Center at 531-622-2400

what is collegeNow!?

CollegeNow! Is a program specifically designed for high school students to jumpstart their college education with half-price tuition. Students enroll into sections taught by Metropolitan Community College faculty on campus or online. Begin the pursuit of an associate degree and/or transfer MCC college credit to other colleges and universities with CollegeNow! To learn about transferability to local four-year colleges, please visit the Articulation webpage.


  •  Quality instruction
  • Credits that transfer to other colleges and universities
  • Jumpstart on a college education
  • Exposure to a college environment
  • Seven campus locations and online courses

additional resources:

Contact :

Secondary Partnerships
Phone: 531-MCC-2366
Metropolitan Community College
P.O. Box 3777, Building 7
Omaha, NE 68103-0777

Metropolitan Community College Secondary Partnerships