Mia Johnson


Hometown: Papillion, Nebraska
Education: I am currently a student at MCC working to transfer to UNO for a bachelor's degree in Special Education.
Past professional work experience: On top of being a recruiter and a student here at MCC, I work for the Papillion LaVista Community School District as a special education paraprofessional.
Favorite thing about Metro: One of my favorite things about MCC is the fact that you can take classes basically anywhere! You can take them at any of our 9 locations or even online!
Areas of special interest: I love the culinary and fine arts! Cooking is one of the many things that I love alongside pottery, reading, and working with children.
One interesting fact about me: Before I was a recruiter, I was a student ambassador and got to work with some amazing people and do some fantastic things I probably never would have done before! If I had to go back and do it again, I definitely would!
Programs specific to your campus: As a recruiter, I don’t have a specific campus. I get to travel to all of the different campuses on different days.