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First Year Experience (FYE)

The First Year Experience Program (FYE) is a college-wide initiative designed to empower students to make a successful transition to being a college student while learning skills that will be beneficial for life.

The First Year Experience is a project made possible by MCC's Title III Grant.

What is the FYE?

The FYE Program provides a team of support staff, services and systems designed to help you be successful. You receive your own enrollment navigator/FYE Advisor for assistance getting started, an academic advisor, academic coach, peer mentor, financial aid specialist and a personalized Academic Success Plan.

What your Peer Mentor/Federal Work Study Student Employee can do for you.

Your Peer Mentor/Federal Work Study Student Employee in the RDLS 1200 classroom is a peer resource for you throughout the academic year.

They will assist you with making connections regarding your needs and interests at MCC. They will connect and refer you to affective resources for you to grow and prosper in your academic and personal achievements as you pursue your degree. These leaders promote healthy and effective study skills and you can meet with them to discuss personal or academic barriers and successes. Peer Mentors/Federal Work Study Students are your advocates! They will promote activities both within MCC and/or share events that are happening at 4-year colleges that may be of interest to you. They will guide you to be your own advocate for your potential career path!

FYE students are enrolled into the College and Career Strategies class (RDLS 1200) and will have access to free FYE hosted events, UNO Maverick Athletic & Theater events, visit 4-year College, etc.

Who is eligible to join?

All new students are eligible, as well as continuing or returning students with less than 30 credit hours. Traditional, non-traditional, reverse transfer students and even scholarship recipients are welcome to join the FYE Program. Students who successfully complete the first quarter of FYE with a 3.0 G.P.A. or higher are eligible to apply to be an hourly paid FYE Peer Mentor or Federal Work Study Student Employee.

When is it offered?

The FYE program is available fall, winter, spring and summer quarters.

Where is it offered?

The FYE program is offered on the Elkhorn, Fort, Sarpy, South Omaha Campuses.

How much does it cost?

FYE services are completely free. The College and Career Strategies class (RDLS 1200) is charged at regular tuition rate, plus the cost of the book. The course satisfies 4.5 credit hours of your degree requirements for eligible academic degree programs.

How Do I Become a FYE Student?

Complete FOUR simple steps:

  1. Apply to MCC

  2. See an Enrollment Navigator, FYE Academic Advisor or Call Central Registration to get started 531-MCC-5231.

  3. Complete assessment testing (if necessary)

  4. Enroll into College and Career Strategies (RDLS 1200)

FYE Program Expectations

First Quarter Expectations

  1. Attend College and Career Strategies (RDLS 1200)

  2. Complete one "Academic Check-Up" by the end of the fifth week of the quarter with your FYE Advisor

  3. Connect once weekly with your Peer Mentor or Federal Work Study Student Employee

  4. Meet once during the quarter with your Academic Coach

  5. Attend one designated FYE group activity each quarter (i.e. Student Leadership Conference, International Fair, Cinco de Mayo celebration, etc).

  6. Register in My Hub to attend any designated FREE UNO sporting or theater events (attendance optional)

  7. Visit the FYE organization in My Hub frequently to continue 2nd and 3rd quarter participation

Second and Third Quarter Expectations

  1. Connect with your FYE Academic Advisor quarterly

  2. Attend one scheduled appointment with FYE staff/Career Services each quarter

  3. Meet with your FYE Advisor or your embedded advisor

  4. Connect with your assigned Peer Mentor or Federal Work Study Employee once each quarter

  5. Attend designated FREE UNO sporting or theater events (optional)

  6. Participate in one FREE FYE visit to a 4-year college (optional)

First Year Experience Staff

FYE Advisors

Academic Team

  • Sue Raftery, Associate Vice Presidient for Academic Affairs 531-MCC-4585, Fort Omaha Campus

  • Deb Holst, FYE Academic Coach 531-MCC-2897,, Fort Omaha Campus

  • Tammy Madsen, FYE Academic Coach 531-MCC-2496,, South Omaha Campus

Administrative Team

  • Dave Reyes, Director of Advising Title III 531-MCC-2377,, South Omaha Campus

  • Neena Nizar, Coordinator of Training & Assessment 531-MCC-4580,, Sarpy Center

  • Danielle Smith, Facilitator of Mentor Training 531-MCC-2303,, Fort Omaha Campus

  • Kyran Connor, Executive Director 531-MCC-2608, South Omaha Campus

FYE Personal Librarians

Title III Project Manager

  • James Cloyd, Title III Project Manager 531-MCC-2201,, Fort Omaha Campus