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Student Placement Scores Releases

Authorization to Release Student Assessment Information

MCC students wishing to have their placement scores sent to another institution can do so by contacting a Testing Center at one of the many locations listed below. MCC will be sent Score Reports free of charge to all Nebraska based Educational Institutions. Score reports being sent to out-of-state Educational Institutions will be charged a $15 fee and can be paid for at any Student Services Cashier Office or by phone using a credit or debit card only by calling the Student Accounts Office at 531-622-2405 (7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Mon. through Fri.). Let them know that you would like to pay $15 for a Placement Score Report going to an out-of-state institution. The Student Accounts Staff Member will then ask several questions and you will need to read off your credit card information to finish the processing.

Instructions for Completing Authorization to Release Assessment Information Form

The student must:

  • Print and complete the Consent To Release Assessment Scores Form.

  • Pay $15 Score Report Fee (for an out-of-state institution) at any Student Services office or by phone if required.

  • Submit the form and payment receipt with a valid government issued photo ID (no copies or photos) to any testing Center.

  • Must sign the completed form in the presence of a MCC Testing Center staff member.*

MCC Staff will:

  • Review the completed Consent To Release Assessment Scores request.

  • Sign and date the form prior to completing any forwarding actions .

  • Send the completed form to the testing Services Supervisor for files maintenance through intercampus mail or by  email.


  • The Student's signature must be Notarized if the form was not signed in the presence of a MCC Testing Center Staff member (still must be verified with a valid photo ID).

  • Students must allow up to three (3) business days for their scores to be verified and forwarded to the Educational  institution/agency of their choice as indicated on their Consent To Release Assessment Scores Form.

Active testing centers

Elkhorn Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number:
Google Voice Number: 702-708-1278

Fort Omaha Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-2204
Google Voice Number: 702-763-2204

Fremont Area Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-3000

Sarpy Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-3803
Google Voice Number: 702-706-3803

South Testing Center

MCC Email:
Campus Phone Number: 531-622-4613
Google Voice Number: 901-860-4613

one of the above testing centers