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Academic Advising Council

The MCC Academic Advising Council was created to serve as an advisory board for Academic Advising. They give counsel to the Academic Advising program on issues concerning advising at MCC


  • Establish academic advising policies and procedures that support student success
  • Review changes in advising policies and make recommendations for new policies
  • Review policies as they relate to the assessment of advising
  • Review the process and policies of the advising syllabus
  • ​Promote excellence in the employment of best practices in academic advising
  • Raise the level of discourse about advising, including the notion of advising as teaching
  • ​Support the growth and development of advising

The MCC Advising Council is not a governing body. We arrive at recommendations by group consensus. Once the Advising Council reaches consensus, the Advising Council will take the policy or procedure to the VP for Student Affairs for approval. Upon approval of the policy/procedure, it will be added to the Advising Council webpage.

Reports To: Maria Vazquez, Vice president of Student Affairs
Chair: TBA
Vice Chair: Melissa Christiansen

Membership (Two Year term Limit)

  • EVC Advisor Representative: Matt Gonzalez
  • FOC Advisor Representative: Robert Ligon
  • SOC Advisor Representative: Peggy Chen
  • Center Advisor Representative (SRP, ATC or FRC): Hans Rudin
  • EVC Navigator Representative: Ivona Masic
  • FOC Navigator Representative: Corey Lynch
  • SOC Navigator Representative: KP Patrick
  • Transfer Program Representative: Bonnie Fitzgerald
  • Career Program Representative: Bob Gronstal
  • Math Faculty Representative: Luke Robinson
  • English Faculty Representative: Sana Amoura
  • Trades Faculty Representative: Kelly Hajek
  • Counselor Representative: Stephanie Albers

Permanent Seat

  • VP of Student Affairs: Maria Vazquez
  • VP of Academic Affairs: Tom McDonnell
  • Dean of Student Experiences and Innovation: James Cloyd
  • Dean of Student Engagement: Robin Hixson
  • Training and Assessment Coordinator: Neena Nizar
  • Director of Financial Aid: Wilma Hjellum
  • Records Representative: Jenia Golden
  • Academic Council Chair: Amanda Olson
  • Testing Center Supervisor: TBA
  • Director of the Contact Center: TBA
  • Career Studio Representative: Hollie Lander
  • Director of Enrollment Management: TBA

Academic Advising Council Meeting Minutes
Academic Advising Council Charter