Eligibility - Gateway to College

Who is appropriate for Gateway to College?

  • Students who want to complete their high school diploma

  • Students who are willing to accept responsibility for their own success

  • Students who demonstrate the kind of motivation, attitude, skills and commitment it takes to be successful in a college environment

  • Students who have a career goal that requires a college degree

Gateway to College candidate Profile examples:

  • The student has the academic skills to do high school work but for some reason is at risk of not graduating.

  • The student could have been successful in high school, but a life event interrupted their high school success.

  • Lacking motivation, the student fell behind in credits, but with a career goal requiring a college degree, the student might be motivated to succeed in a new environment.

  • The student had a slow start in high school but with a fresh start has the potential to succeed.  

  • The student who is distracted in the high school setting but would thrive in a college environment.

STUDENT Eligibility:

Gateway to College is for students who:

  • Are 16-20 years old

  • Read at an appropriate level

  • Want a different educational setting

  • Are ready to earn college credit

  • Are ready to earn a high school diploma

  • Are able to complete their high school diploma by age 21

  • Are approved by previous high school



Phone: 531-MCC-2213
Email: gatewaytocollege@mccneb.edu
Metropolitan Community College
Fort Omaha Campus
5300 N. 30th St., Building 7
Omaha, NE 68103


Gateway to College