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33rd Annual Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow banner

Princess Candidates


2023 princess crown

2023 Princess crown front view2023 Princess crown side view2023 Princess crown back view

fort omaha intertribal powwow princesses

1994-Summer Barea 1995-Jheri Stabler 1996-Winona Harlan
1997-Starla Gladfelter 1998-Samantha Gallagher 1999-Elizabeth Brown
2000-Lillian Baxter 2001-Rachele Woods 2002-Joscelyn Hutchinson
2003-April Harlan 2004-Jeanette Clark 2005-Prairie Ike
2006-Timmea Sampson 2007-Avelina Tamayo 2008-Mya Mace
2009-Ruby Wright 2010-Lisa Ebert 2011-Aurelia Payer
2012-Waci Winyan Edwards 2013-Kaitlyn Parker 2014-Jamie Colvin
2015-Angelina DeLeon 2016-Montoya Makes Room for Them 2017-Naomi Lieb
2018-Virginia Snake-Bumann 2019-Naomi Ike 2020-Sophia Ford
2022 Isabella Aguirre-WhiteDress 2023 Kylesse LaRae Walker