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Apostille or Authentication of Academic Records

***all fees are paid by the student***

 Students who need to present MCC academic credentials for use abroad must follow the below process.

Diploma/Transcripts: Steps for Obtaining and Authenticating with Apostille

Diploma: duplicate diploma is ordered by student (or student can bring original diploma to the Registrars Office on the Fort Omaha Campus, Building 5)
                      To order the duplicate diploma, please submit the Diploma Re-issue request
Official transcripts - the order for the transcripts must be placed via National Student Clearinghouse. Please order the paper copy to be mailed to:

                                            MCC Registrars Office
                                            PO Box 3777
                                            Omaha, NE 68103 
  1. Diploma/official transcript is notarized by Registrars Office and mailed to student.
  2. ​​The student will go to the website for the Nebraska Secretary of State, and follow the steps outlined.    
  3. Diploma/official transcript/supporting documentation is mailed by the student to:


Nebraska Secretary of State
Notary Division
PO Box 95104
Lincoln, NE 68509


Nebraska Secretary of State
Notary Division
1201 N Street, Suite 120
Lincoln, NE 68508

    4. The diploma/official transcript is authenticated by the office of the Nebraska Secretary of State and returned to the student.

*For assistance from the Nebraska Secretary of State, please call (402)471-2558*