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May is Mental Health Awareness Month! 

May 2023 Events: 
  • 5/5: Faculty/Staff Training Session (MCC Resources & Referral Pathways) 9am - SOC, Mahoney #191 or virtual via Zoom: 952 7594 8515
  • 5/8: DIY Stressball Station (11-1pm) FOC, Building 23 Commons 
  • 5/9: DIY Stressball Station (11-1pm) SOC, Connector Commons 
  • 5/9: Mental Health Self-Screening and Resource Table (9-12pm) SOC, Mahoney Commons 
  • 5/10: DIY Stressball Station (11-1pm) EVC Commons 
  • 5/10: Mental Health Self-Screening and Resource Table (1:30-3:30pm) EVC Commons 
  • 5/11: Mental Health Self-Screening and Resource Table (9-12pm) FOC, Building 23 Commons 
  • 5/15: Stress Relief Rock Painting (10-2pm) FOC, Lawn outside of Building 23 (Rain or wind: East Lounge) 
  • 5/16: Stress Relief Rock Painting (10-2pm) EVC Outside Lawn (Rain or wind: EVC Commons) 
  • 5/17: Stress Relief Rock Painting (10-2pm) SOC, Connector Commons outside (Rain or wind: Connector Commons inside) 
  • 5/20: MCC Table at the NAMI Walks Nebraska Event (Skip Palrang Memorial Fieldhouse in Boys Town)

Any individuals needing accommodations must contact at least two weeks in advance. 

Check back soon for a list of the events and trainings happening in June 2023!