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Vietnamese New Year

The Vietnamese New Year, known around the world as Tet Nguyen Dan (Tet), is probably the only festival that best concludes Vietnam’s rich, colorful culture and long history. It marks the beginning of Spring as well as of a New Year in the Lunar Calendar. To the Vietnamese, it is the biggest and most sacred festival. Begin the grandest and most significant holiday in the country, it would equal the most important celebrations of other parts of the globe like the Fourth of July, New Year, Ester and Thanksgiving all combined.

Tet is a three-day celebration, but the festivities could stretch up to over a week. Drinking, splurging on traditional Vietnamese food, travelling and relaxing commonly takes place. Spending time with family and friends, gift giving and paying respect to ancestors by bringing them offerings is important. Visiting shrines and local pagodas is always a part of the activities. The celebration takes place sometime between the end of January through early February, depending on the Lunar calendar.

The Vietnamese Friendship Association of Omaha initiated MCC’s annual celebration. The 25th anniversary was held in 2018. The Vietnamese Friendship Association of Omaha members join MCC staff to create a Vietnamese New Year Committee. The Committee considers the actual date of the New Year, other community New Year celebrations and requests a Saturday evening to hold this celebration in the ITC Conference Center at the South Omaha Campus.

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Two costumed people engaged in dragon and stick dance for Vietnamese New Year
Dragon and Stick dance for Vietnamese New Year

ACCOMMODATIONS:  Audience members requiring accommodations due to a disability must contact Barbara Velazquez,, 531-622-2253 at least two weeks prior to the program.