MVSS Presentation at ISD Day

Faculty members were informed of the unique issues facing military students at the Instructional Staff Development Day on March 7th.  The Office of Military and Veteran Support Services (MVSS) invited a series of speakers to raise awareness of military student issues and inform faculty members on military student supports.  Presenters and topics included:

  • Teri Clark, Military OneSource—Background on military culture and deployment cycles
  • Peggy Reisher, Brain Injury Association of Nebraska—Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Travis Karr, Central Community College—Recognizing and accommodating TBI in the classroom 
  • Paul Greenwell, At Ease Program Therapist—Signs, symptoms, and needs of students with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)  

Each of these topics is vital in understanding military students and the unique issues they face when transitioning into the college environment.  Following the presentations, a panel made up of the speakers and MCC Student Veterans of America Chapter President Matt Stevens took questions from faculty. 

One faculty member called the training “moving, enlightening, passionate and motivating” and continued by saying: “I had two young men last quarter that had recently returned from overseas. They were polar opposites and I had the opportunity to talk extensively with both of them. I learned a great deal today and will strive to understand our military students with their educational needs and get them to the right people when they need help.”

MVSS would like to thank all faculty members in attendance, both for their engagement with the presentation as well as their dedication to serving military students. 

Faculty members who learn of military students in their classes are encouraged to refer students to MVSS by emailing or calling 402-738-4774. 

Panel Participants: Paul Greenwell, Teri Clark, Travis Karr, Matt Stevens, Peggy Reisher

Paul Greenwell presents information on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)