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(DANTES) Defense Activity for Nontraditional Educational Support

A student may attempt to earn college credit in some areas by examination. The credit-by-examination is an option for those who have a strong academic record both in high school and/or college.The minimum score recommended by the American Council on Education is used as a guideline for exam acceptance. While the credits count toward graduation, the score is not used in the calculation of grade point average. Credit granted does not apply toward fulfillment of MCC's residency requirements for graduation.

Program details:

A passing grade on an examination is recorded on a student's permanent record. The score recommended by the American Council on Education is used as a guideline for exam acceptance. While the credits count toward graduation, neither the credits nor the grade is used in the calculation of a grade point average. Courses attempted by examination but not passed are not recorded.

DANTES Examinations:

Each examination covers material taught in an undergraduate course with a similar title at most colleges and universities. A college usually grants the same amount of credit to students earning satisfactory scores on the DANTES examination as it grants to students who successfully complete that course.

***For consideration of college credit, students need to have an official exam score report mailed to:

Metropolitan Community College
Attn: Records
P.O. Box 3777
Omaha, NE 68103-0777

NOTE: MCC does not administer DANTES examinations.

Important Disclaimer:

The information below is provided as a general guide. This information may change and is continually updated.

DANTES Tests Equivalent MCC Courses Hours
A History of the Vietnam War NA 0.0
Art of the Western World ARTS 1120 4.5
Astronomy SCIE 1300 4.5
Business Ethics and Society BSAD 2800 4.5
Business Law II BSAD 1100 4.5
Business Mathematics MATH 1220 4.5
Criminal Justice CRIM 1010 4.5
Computing and Information Technology INFO 1002 4.5
Drug and Alcohol Abuse NA 0.0
Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet NA 0.0
Ethics in America PHIL 2030 4.5
Fundamentals of College Algebra MATH 1420 (meets content requirement) 4.5
Foundations of Education NA 0.0
Fundamentals of Counseling NA 0.0
General Anthropology SOCI 1250 4.5
Here's to Your Health NA 0.0
Human Cultural Geography GEOG 1050 4.5
Human Resource Management BSAD 2600 4.5
Introduction to Business BSAD 1000 4.5
Introduction to Law Enforcement CRIM 1010 4.5
Introduction to the Modern Middle East NA 0.0
Introduction to World Religions PHIL 2200 4.5
Life-Span Developmental Psychology PSYC 1120 4.5
Management Information Systems NA 0.0
Money and Banking FINA 1310 3.0
Organizational Behavior BSAD 2100 4.5
Personal Finance FINA 1200 4.5
Physical Geology NA 0.0
Principles of Finance FINA 2230 4.5
Principles of Financial Accounting ACCT 1050 3.0
Principles of Physical Science I NA 0.0
Principles of Public Speaking SPCH 1110 4.5
Principles of Statistics MATH 1410 4.5
Principles of Supervision BSAD 1600 4.5
Rise And Fall of The Soviet Union NA 0.0
Substance Abuse HMSV 1160 4.5
The Civil War and Reconstruction NA 0.0
Technical Writing with Essay ENGL 1220 4.5
Western Europe 1946-1990 NA 0.0
Western Europe Since 1945 NA 0.0

Additional Information:

As DANTES continues to change, reviews and updates will be considered.