Institutional Course Proficiency

Students wishing to demonstrate course proficiency may challenge selected credit courses by taking a proficiency examination. Students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in good standing
  • Be currently enrolled at MCC and have satisfactorily completed a term at MCC
  • Not be enrolled in the course being challenged
  • Cannot have completed the course previously with a grade (Institutional course proficiency may not be earned for any course in which a student has already earned  a grade of A, B, C, D, F, I, AUDIT)

Students should contact Student Services, the Career & Academic Skills Center on the Fort Omaha Campus or the appropriate academic dean’s area for application procedures. Credit granted may apply toward the student's current listed major only; and might not transfer to other institutions.

A fee of $40 (non-refundable) for each proficiency examination, with the exception of INFO 1001, is payable to the campus cashier's office (located in the campus Student Services office or Career and Academic Skills Center (CASC) on the Fort Omaha Campus) prior to testing.

Below are proficiency examinations available, which are subject to change. Please consult the academic dean’s area for more information.

ACCT 1050

AUTT 1710

#INFO 1001

ACCT 1100

AUTT 2310

LAWS 1111

ARCH 1100

AUTT 2410

MATH 1220

ARCH 1110

AUTT 2820

MATH 1240

 *ARTS any course with a portfolio   

BIOS 1010

MATH 1260

AUTB 1000

BIOS 1050

MATH 1310

AUTB 1200

BSAD 1000

MATH 1420

AUTB 2300

BSAD 2100

SPAN 2110

AUTT 1010

DRAF 1100

SPAN 2120

AUTT 1210

ELEC any course

WELD any course except WELD 2800   

AUTT 1510

**HIMS 1120


AUTT 1620

HVAC 1000


*ARTS - Instead of an exam, an art portfolio is required.
**HIMS 1120 -  Will need to contact the dean's office.
#INFO 1001 - Will need to contact Student Services, the INFO Department, or the Testing Center for details on testing process.

MCC Testing Centers Locations:

Elkhorn Valley Campus

204th Street and West Dodge Road


Fort Omaha Campus

30th and Fort streets, Building 23


South Omaha Campus

2909 Edward Babe Gomez Ave.


Sarpy Center

9110 Giles Road, La Vista,
Room 116