Behavior Consultation and Advocacy Team (BCAT)

Metropolitan Community College offers procedures and resources for students, faculty and staff to address behavioral concerns and conflicts affecting the college community. This involves a balance of individuals' rights, the safety of the campus community and the preservation of the educational environment.

The Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability strengthens personal responsibility and accountability through investigation and resolution of alleged violations of the non-academic Student Code of Conduct. 

We strive to:

  • advocate for students and the learning environment through College policies and procedures
  • facilitate the student conduct process for alleged student violations of College policies
  • encourage honesty, integrity and respect within Metropolitan Community College
  • advise students of their rights in the conduct process
  • establish accountability for student choices by helping students recognize their mistakes and learn from them
  • provide consultation and resources to faculty and staff as they address low-level student behavioral concerns informally
  • offer procedural advice to faculty and staff
  • conduct investigations and ensure that the College responses to reports of sexual and gender-based misconduct are compliant with Title IX
  • provide conflict resolution and mediation services when appropriate
  • lead the Behavior Consultation and Advocacy Team (BCAT) in evaluating and mitigating potential threats of violence

Faculty AND STAFF Resources

Disruptive and Dangerous Behaviors handout

Behavior Consultation & Advocacy Team Brochure (pdf)