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Student Spotlight March 2019 Michael Shank


Major: Culinary Arts
Expected graduation date: I am not sure because I am taking one class at a time.

Why did you choose to attend Metropolitan Community College? It is close to my house and it is affordable.
Do you plan to further your education after receiving your associate degree? I am not sure.
How often do you utilize the LTC per week? Once a week.
How has the LTC overall impacted your education? My tutor helps me with my homework at the LTC.
How has the LTC helped you get closer to your goal of graduation? If I do not understand the work, my tutor helps me and explains it to me.
What have you learned or are learning that’s made a difference to you? If you do not understand something, ask for help!
Favorite Quote:  “The key to success is to focus on the goal and not the obstacles.”
What would people be surprised to know about you? I am a hard worker and I try my best in all my classes.
What has been your greatest challenge? For me because of my hearing loss, I try to find ways to communicate.
What advice do you have for incoming students? Utilize the Learning and Tutoring Center because it is available to all students.