ACT Score Information

ACT (american college testing) Scores

Students can have their ACT scores sent directly to Metropolitan Community College (MCC) by indicating MCC as a recipient when they are taking the ACT test. However, if a student did not have their scores forwarded to MCC at the time of their ACT testing, it can requested at a later date by going to ACTs' website and following the directions they provide (separate charges may apply). Lastly, a student may also request that their high school forward an official transcript to MCC if their ACT scores appear on it.

Metropolitan Community College only accepts ACT scores that are less than 3 years old. ACT scores older than 3 years are not accepted, therefore students in this category are required to take an ACCUPLACER or COMPANION assessment for placement purposes.

Contact an MCC Advisor with further questions.

For additional Information, contact:
Jenna Lichter, Ph.D.
Testing Services Supervisor
Metropolitan Community College